'My Fair Lady' and valuable lessons for women of all time

The film is often referred to as a textbook, including many useful lessons for women.

Lessons on how to speak and wear

For women in particular and most people in general, speech and voice are the easiest things for others to see their status, quality and personality. In the context of the 1900s of “My Fair Lady”, just listen to others say the hard-hitting professor Henry Higgins (actor Rex Harrison) you can also point to the class that you belong to.

No one thinks that the poor girl Eliza Doolittle who sells flowers at the market one day can become a luxury lady.

One day he met Eliza Doolittle, a poor girl sells flowers in the corner of the market with a hard-hitting voice. He must say: "A woman with such a terrible voice ... has no right to live!" He accidentally bets with his friend that he can turn this poor girl into a princess at the embassy party. And the person he is contempt for is not narcissistic because the girl Eliza (Audrey Hepburn plays) always wants a better life and that is her opportunity. She comes to the professor with the expectation that he will help her better.


On Professor Higgins's side, for his arrogance and talent, he is willing to spend time and energy on teaching her. He asks Eliza to learn English standard pronunciation every day and accepts the hunger with her until she speaks the right words. He patiently does this just to prove to everyone that, with his correct teaching, a person can completely change.

About Eliza, the poor girl, with all the bad qualities such as grumpy, slow-acting, rustic and edacious, has gradually changed herself. Audrey has demonstrated her acting skills as a lowly-born character, a model no one had ever seen before. Although Eliza is only 19 years old and Audrey is 35 at that time, no one notices the age difference. Eliza's reaction to learning how to become a real lady is so natural that the viewer sometimes forgets that the actress is one of the most elegant women of all time.


Lessons on how to behave

Her life changes more positively. Poor girl Eliza Doolittle also has to learn a dozen principles of the elite. How to walk, how to drink tea or even how to hold umbrellas and pick up the dress ... are also hard Higgins directs.


The efforts she and the professor spend don’t count by day, by week but much to half a year. People who contact with the girl as the servant and the housekeeper in the professor's house are surprised by the girl's progress. Six months to get acquainted with the good life of a lady is very difficult but what gives her is amazing beyond imagination. When Eliza appears in a magnificent dress at the embassy's party in front of hundreds of elite eyes, everyone thinks she is a certain duchess.


The professor realizes that he has fallen in love with her. However, neither Eliza nor the professor attempts to admit this. But finally, when love comes, every barrier of rich and poor is no longer prevented. The happy ending of the fairy tale is an encouragement for every woman that just trying to train themselves, an ugly duck can becomes a beautiful swan.

By: Mithrine Smith

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