Movies about university life: Lessons for freshmen

University is like a miniature of adult society, it can be fun, but sometimes complex. If you are going to enter university, here are some movies that you can relate to.


1. 22 Jump Street

22 Jump Street is a 2014 American action comedy film starred by Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum. The movie is about two police officers Morton Schmidt and Greg Jenko as they go undercover at a college to find the supplier of a drug known as "WHY-PHY". Here they experience university life again: friendship, love and even danger.

Even though it's a comedy, 22 Jump Street also sends a lot of meaningful messages about student life, one of them is that you have to learn to behave in an "adult" way in such a complex environment.


2. Van Wilder

Van Wilder (Ryan Reynolds) is famous for his luxurious life and never ending parties. However, the golden age of Wilder suddenly disappears when his father decides to stop providing living expenses for his son. It means that Wilder has to stay clear of parties, stop wasting money and face the prospect of not being able to graduate. He forces himself to make money to maintain his student life.

Wilder's story may resemble the life of some of us. Some people struggle to graduate, some have to go to school while working to earn money. There will be times when we are in a state of financial distress and forced to finance ourselves. This is a movie that helps students prepare to overcome difficulties in university so that they can graduate successfully.


3. Fresh Meat

Fresh Meat is the story of six Manchester Medlock University students: Vod, Oregon, Josie, Kingsley, JP and Howard. Because of late registration for dormitory, six people are forced to live in a rented house outside. It revolves around the lives of six young people living together and the problems they face in their student days.

"Fresh meat" also reflects the different aspects of student life such as financial pressures, academic pressures, the problem of expelled students,... Any one of us will face these problems. That is why you need to bear these things in mind if you're going to be a freshman.


4. Higher Learning

The film revolves around three students at the University of Columbus (Malik, Kristen and Remy). They are from three different nations and races. They face countless problems in student life such as lack of money, temptations and self-doubt.

University life is not all rosy as we think. It always has the downside that is likely to make us shocked. The key to success is to learn to adapt to a new environment, study hard to accumulate knowledge and equip yourself with a variety of skills needed in adult life such as communication skill, improvisational skill or teamwork skill.

By: Lauren Martin

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