Mary Jane, Gwen Stacy and Michelle “MJ” Jones: Who makes the best couple with Spider-Man?

Superhero and beauty is a timeless topic. Aside from a man who saves the world, there always be a girl who rules his heart.

As one of the oldest superheroes, Spider-Man has been brought onto the large screen a variety of times. We can list some faces leaving deepest impressions on the audience: Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield and lately, Tom Holland. Most of the time, of course, we pay a lot of attention to our heroes, but their belles are also definitely unforgettable. As usual, Spider-Man’s fans will have different opinions about the perfect girl for the hero.

Kirsten Dunst – Mary Jane Watson 

The first part of Spider-Man series was released in 2002. Audiences from all over the world were captivated by the romance between Peter Parker and Mary Jane. Tobey Maguire became a grand star, his name was called everywhere at any time, his fame enchanted everyone at any age. Besides, actress Kirsten Dunst became a monument, whose position cannot be replaced by any successors in the entire series, thanks to her role as Mary Jane Watson.


To many Spider-Man's fans, Mary Jane is a monumental character

Spider-Man and Mary Jane’s classic upside-down kiss

Spider-Man is the highest-grossing movie throughout Kirsten Dunst’s acting career. Since Spider-Man, the actress has been a movie star participating in various other films. The most outstanding ones are Marie Antoinette (2006) and Melancholia (2011) which brought her numerous awards.

Kirsten Dunst as Marie Antoinette, the Queen of France

Nevertheless, none of her roles can outrun the huge shade of Spider-Man’s Mary Jane. In the last few years, Kirsten Dunst has mostly taken part in independent film projects or art movies. In 2017, she impressed the public with her latest movie The Beguiled together with Nicole Kidman and Elle Fanning.

The Beguiled's trio: Kirsten Dunst, Nicole Kidman and Elle Fanning

Emma Stone – Gwen Stacy

Each version of Spider-Man has a distinguishable setting and story despite the same original character, Peter Parker. Therefore, it is not difficult to understand the differences in appearances, characters and profiles among the hero’s girlfriends.


Emma Stone was the next girl accompanying Peter Parker

Emma Stone was chosen to be the next belle in The Amazing Spider-Man to accompany Andrew Garfield. They made a nice couple, though Tobey Maguire x Kirsten Dunst is the majority of the fans’ preference, because it is said that Gwen Stacy is not as stereotypically womanly as Mary Jane.

The couple are rumored to be in love with each other not on the screen only

However, Emma Stone succeeded in proving her individuality which made her interestingly different from Kirsten Dunst. The teenager-centered plot was a favorable condition for Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield to play their roles in a new way compared to Dunst and Maguire had done previously. Due to their perfectly smooth cooperation and interaction during the filming process, it was widely rumored that the romance between Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy did not happen on the large screen only. The couple broke up not long after the release date of The Amazing Spider-Man 2, bringing an end to their 3-year relationship.

She is a talented and attracting Hollywood actress

The fact is, before The Amazing Spider-Man, Emma Stone had already been a gifted and reputed actress. Having finished the 02 movies with Andrew Garfield, her name shines even more gloriously. She has other remarkable roles in Gangster Squad (2013) or Magic in the Moonlight (2014).

Charming Emma Stone in Gangster Squad (2013)

Not only is Emma Stone a teenagers’ idol, but she is also a talented actress highly evaluated by critics. She got an Academy Awards nomination for Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role. And with her role as Mia in La La Land (2016), Emma Stone received a valuable Oscar statuette for Best Actress. Comedy, drama, action or music, nearly no movie genres can block Emma Stone from proving her talent.

Emma Stone’s performance with actor Ryan Gosling in La La Land (2016) brought her an Oscar statuette

Zendaya – Michelle “MJ” Jones

The latest film about Peter Parker Spider-Man: Homecoming truly focuses on the young man who has to balance his life as a hero and as a normal person. Michelle “MJ” Jones, therefore, plays the role of a companion rather than another stereotypical belle like Mary Jane or Gwen Stacy.

The grumpy bookworm girl in Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017)

A number of audience have wondered about the name of this female character because “MJ” is also Marie Jane’s nickname. However, the movie’s director confirmed that Michelle “MJ” Jones is a totally distinguishable person compared to Mary Jane, she does not originate in Mary Jane also. The interesting and defining trait of Michelle “MJ” Jones is that she is a grumpy bookworm who would like to meet no one. Her characteristic is an obstacle for an outbreak of her relationship with Peter Parker.


Zendaya is originally a dancer, she often updates her stunning pictures

The role as Michelle “MJ” Jones is the second time that Zendaya appears on the large screen. She is originally a dancer and an actress with various minor roles formerly. Though her performance in Spider-Man: Homecoming is not a dominant feature of the movie, her exotic beauty has deeply impressed the audience. She is now a favorite Hollywood actress.

Zendaya owns an exotic and charming beauty

By: Chris Stewart

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