Marilyn Monroe’s beauty: Ticket to freedom

Beauty is really a property of Marilyn Monroe to reach the top.

Marilyn Monroe, how this "silly blonde" can still appear in newspapers, on television, in Halloween parties as a symbol of beauty? Does the world want women to pursue a beauty that does not exist, a beauty that even its owner does not actually possess? Or is there a deeper meaning under the surface, so that the beauty of the surface, which many people cannot explain, but has always been understood and appreciated?

The iconic beauty of Marilyn Monroe.

Changed appearance

Most cultures value the beauty inside. Yet an "artificial" beauty with heavy makeup like Marilyn is so loved by the world. The daring red lips, the dreamy eyes, the curly platinum curls have become an icon of beauty, attraction, femininity, as well as the theme of both mass culture and the schools of arts.

Marilyn Monroe portrait printed on silk net by Andy Warhol.

Norma Jeane Mortenson's face was actually not prominent but harmonious, with light brown curly hair and round face. But this was not the beauty that could be sold to the public.


So, Norma Jeane let people change her. Emmeline Snively, director of the Blue Book Modeling Agency, the first model brand to sign with Marilyn Monroe, did not realize anything special about the young girl Norma Jeane. It cost $ 100 and a 3-month model course to teach her how to dress, walk and talk, or behave like a commercial model. Snively noted that Norma Jeane learned makeup techniques, hand movements and standing positions very well.


Perhaps despite playing characters who were confident in their inside power, self-consciousness and constant adjustment through those tiny details did create a sense of innocence that made audiences sympathize and love this girl. Behind a fiery Marilyn was a Norma Jeane who tried hard to perfect herself, both physically and mentally.

She also let people change her name. "Marilyn" because she looked like Broadway star Marilyn Miller, and "Monroe" because it matched her mother's maiden name. She let people do all of this because she was stupid, shallow, just wanted to be beautiful and rich, or because she was always aware of the power of beauty, and actively made it her asset?


Makeup secrets

Marilyn knew all the secrets of beauty that people knew back then. She often befriended with hair stylists, makeup artists, and learned everything from them.


Marilyn Monroe makeup was the result of years of learning and experimentation. At every event, Marilyn and makeup experts always studied environmental factors such as light or temperature… which could affect her makeup.

In the 60's, Marilyn's make-up style changed to match the era with coral lips and blue eye shadow.

Every line on Marilyn's face had always been well looked after. Together with Marilyn Monroe, Allen "Whitey" Snyder - Marilyn's makeup artist from the very start of her career to her death – had even created a perfect red lipstick formula for her that they never revealed.

The beauty that brought freedom

There was a time when Marilyn went broke that she had to find any way to make ends meet. Young, uneducated, she chose to make money by taking pictures with no clothes on. At that time, such actress or model was not considered a serious artist. But Marilyn's reputation changed the world’s point of view.

Marilyn Monroe’s iconic flying dress in "Seven-year Itch".

Money and reputation gave Marilyn the chance to do what she wanted. In a press conference in New York City, Marilyn announced her intention to set up a film production company. She wanted to produce her own works. Because people only chose Marilyn for beautiful yet stupid roles, and she did not have the opportunity to develop her abilities.

Marilyn was also one of those who promote freedom – freedom for lovemaking, freedom for women, freedom for every skin color and the weak in society in general. She was also aware of self-development with knowledge. Marilyn owned a library of about 400 of her favorite books, ranging from literature, philosophy, politics to cook, life tips, or the Bible.


Marilyn Monroe changed her appearance and created a different personality for herself to sell the image to the public, and she used the profits to free herself. Unfortunately, Marilyn left before she had the chance to explore her limits and seek real happiness.

When Marilyn passed away, many of her fans chose to follow her. While this act was extreme, Marilyn really made other people feel so connected that they were hurt with her pain. Perhaps the lack of emotion as a child had created a Marilyn Monroe who needed to be loved. The need was so strong that it pierced her cover, spreading over the screen, causing all the men in the world to rush to cover her, and the souls lacking love out there to see her as their soulmate.






By: Emma Chavez

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