Justin Timberlake's “Man Of The Woods” receives many mixed reviews

While fans love Justin Timberlake's new album, critics have mixed reviews on "Man Of The Woods."

Justin Timberlake finally released "Man of the Woods" on February 2 (local time). While the fans are excited about Justin's comeback, there are still a lot of contrariwise comments surrounding the album. 


Some critics praised Justin's half-country album, while others argued that the album was not seamless. Critics seem to agree that even though the songs are not excellent, they are still shining, depending on the perception of each listener. 

Rolling Stone: 3.5 / 5 

With this fifth album, Justin Timberlake continued to be loyal to Timbaland and Neptune, along with futuresex and popular love songs that have earned Justin's reputation today. However, as the title of the album implies, most of the songs are country, blues and folk. You can expect a gentleman like Justin to use this background for a trip around Florida-Georgia. Instead, he seems to have a more contemporary mindset for our new dark age: the apocalypse. Justin Timberlake wants us to look forward to that apocalyptic moment. 

The Guardian: 3/5 


Despite of some shortcomings, “Man Of The Woods” is an impressive album. We can see Justin's effort to make this album: he should have easily made a typical pop album using the writing style and the production team that every pop album requires, as well as relying on his reputation to make a big hit. 

There are bad and good songs, but in the world of original pop music, there is a purpose behind this album as well as the author's desire to think of innovation that is very commendable. 

USA Today 


Man of the Woods, though it's definitely not the worst album in 2018, is proof that Justin Timberlake is getting farther away from the image of a pop music innovator like he did. The highlights of the album, from the fast-paced disco in "Midnight Summer's Jam" and "Breeze" to the beat of Alicia Keys in "Morning Light", are all in Justin's safe zone. 

The Independent: 3/5 

"With this fifth album, Justin Timberlake is no longer creating new things, he has been faithful to continue with R & B, funk, pop and soul to create an exciting soundtrack. The album insists that Justin will not stop challenging himself to new limits. 

The New York Times 


"Timbaland and the Neptunes have been responsible for producing the majority of the album, but it seems the album tends to go back to the past. In particular, The Neptunes has been successful with this approach, especially in "Higher Higher" - a revered piece of music in the 1970s. There are exceptions - the strong rhythms in "Filthy" with the sound of acid house, and "Supplies" reminds people of Migos. However, with most of the album, Justin Timberlake seems to be trending nostalgic. 

By: Gitta Russell

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