Listing famous stars along with Mark Wahlberg in “All The Money in The World”

“All The Money in The World” is Mark Wahlberg's new hit film with a relatively prominent cast.


"All The Money in The World" is currently being critically acclaimed this year with the participation of Michelle Williams, Charlie Plummer, Christopher Plummer and Mark Wahlberg. 

Charlie Plummer 

As a young actor with other big stars in the movie, Charlie Plummer has shown his talent through his role as John Paul Getty III. 

The film's central theme is the kidnapping of "hot boy" John Paul Getty III, played by actor born in 1999. Emerging from the field of television, Charlie Plummer made a deep impression on the audience by his cinematic hair and face. "All The Money in The World" based on the book of the same name is about the true events of the Getty Oil family, so in order to have been acting well, Plummer had to spend weeks researching a profile of Getty House , as well as meet this real-life family. The new movie project is the ideal launch pad for Charlie Plummer, and the young actor has spent all his heart to fully play the role. 

Michelle Williams 

Michelle Williams has shown the diverse inner success of a strong mother, constantly struggling to save her son. 

Michelle Ingrid Williams was born on September 9, 1980 in Kalispell, Montana, USA. When her parents divorced when she was young, the actress, who had eight blood streams, had to undergo a difficult childhood, gradually developing her strong character and independence as she is today. In the seventh art world, Michelle Williams emerged as a bright star, with her immersive acting skills as well as her natural talent for musicals that brought her many awards, including the prestigious Tony Award. Getty III's motherly role in "All the Money in the World" also earned Michelle Williams a lot of praise from experts and Best Actress nomination for this year's Golden Globe. 

Christopher Plummer 

Christopher Plummer plays the rich but stingy oil tycoon - J. Paul Getty. 

Along with Michelle Williams, Christopher Plummer was named in the Golden Globe nomination for Best Supporting Actor. 

The actor replaced Kevin Spacey as the oil tycoon J. Paul Getty as the film approached the completion stage, leading to a mixed reaction in the fan community. However, Christopher Plummer's brilliant and powerful performance has crushed the suspicion of critics. 

Born in 1929 in Canada, Plummer is known as one of the "old trees" of modern Western cinema. He is currently the owner of an Oscar, two Emmys and many other prestigious awards. He also acted as an inspirational actor in a series of television shows, shows in Broadway, as well as film events throughout the United States and in European countries. 

Mark Wahlberg 

Character Fletcher Chase of Mark Wahlberg is a CIA agent. 

The 46-year-old actor is probably the most prominent actor in the cast, as he has appeared in several blockbuster movies in recent years, most notably in the two-part “Transformers” movie directed by Michael Bay. With generous personality and handsome look, Mark Wahlberg in recent years has had a successful career. In "All the Money in the World," he stars as Fletcher Chase, a diligent CIA agent. With a high sense of responsibility, he is willing to risk his life to rescue Getty III from the terrorists. 

By: Scarlet Johnson

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