Lesbian couple supported by Taylor Swift happily meet up with their idol

In the backstage photoshoot, Taylor Swift is delighted when seeing the couple for whom she gives huge support.

Recently, at a concert in Houston, a photo Taylor Swift took with a lesbian couple got the attention of the fans. The couple came to see the show, and also to thank Shake It Off singer. 

Brittany Lewis and Alexas Gonzales had a romantic proposal at Taylor Swift's show Love Story. The two call Look What You Made Me Do singer the one who brought them to each other. 

Brittany Lewis and Alexas Gonzales have been Taylor Swift’s big fans since the early years of the singer's career. The two girls share their music hobbies and other similarities in life before falling in love with each other. 

Taylor Swift delightedly met up with the lesbian couple in the backstage of her gig in Houston. 

They started dating in 2008, the year when Taylor released her hit Love Story. The couple has experienced many difficulties and objections from families before their happy ending. 

Lewis proposed to Gonzales in November of the same year on the mellow background song Love Story. On the happiest day of Lewis and Gonzales, Taylor Swift personally sent a gift to the wedding. 

In the card, Taylor Swift said that she would love to see the couple again someday. To fulfill their promise, the couple came to Houston to reunite with their idol. Not only Taylor but also her LGBT fan community were deeply touched by the couple's beautiful love story. 

When it comes to personal affair, after more than a year of dating, Taylor Swift appeared to support her boyfriend Joe Alwyn for the first time. She attended the premiere of The Favourite at Lincoln Center (New York) on the evening of September 28. 

To get rid of the public’s attention and the media, Taylor Swift did not show up on the red carpet but went straight to the cinema. 

Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn met for the first time at Met Gala 2016. At this time, the singer was dating Calvin Harris. She and Alwyn started dating in early 2017. The two were caught hand in hand by the media in June of the same year. 

Taylor Swift caught at the premiere of The Favourite starring her new boyfriend Joe Alwyn. 

Since the beginning of the relationship, Swift and Alwyn have been very secretive and seemed to be unwilling to tell the press about their affair. The audience believe that the singer and her boyfriend is enjoying a sweet and stable relationship.

By: Chris Stewart

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