Kanye West: From an appreciated rapper to the most hated star

The most typical example for many stars who are hated now is rapper Kanye West.

The entertainment industry is often considered one of the most negatively impacted places in the world. Stars try to be careful not to cause any scandal. Sometimes an artist just needs a scandal that can be publicly hated. In today's rapidly growing social network, it seems that the number of actors, artists and other celebrities hated has increased dramatically. The most typical example is rapper Kanye West.


Here are some reasons why he is so hated.

Unstoppable times on stage


Famous moments at the Video Music Awards 2009 that Kanye took to the stage to rob the mic of Taylor Swift to say that Beyoncé was a worthy star, which would surely live forever with time. But it was only the first time we saw Kanye mess and could not control himself on stage. It may be possible to set up a list of men's disruptions, at awards ceremonies, events or even simply during his own performances.

Provocative and aggressive attitude


Kanye does not hide the fact that he easily has strong feelings about ... everything. However, sometimes this can easily become anger. Although he sometimes has some correct and fair points, Kanye has always been accused of being inappropriate and overly aggressive, even though he has nothing to do with himself (seeing Taylor's scandal above).

The marriage with Kim Kardashian


Kanye alone is controversial enough. The Kim family, often referred to as Kim, is often hated for too many reasons to list here, and Kanye's association with the Kardashians only makes critics hate him more.

The desire to become the next President of the United States


Perhaps one of the worst things that a controversial celebrity can say is to own America. Kanye has announced that he will run for the presidency in 2020. These are no words that can never happen because Kanye thinks he's qualified to lead the nation which is funny enough for many people.

Thinking of himself as the God


Consistent with his arrogant self, Kanye constantly compares himself to Jesus, imagining himself as the Messiah based on his creativity and vision. Hopefully, Kanye does not really think of himself as the God's representative, but his swagger attitude is still alarming.

Thinking of himself as the voice of this generation


Kanye - so utterly - believes in his talent that he claims to be a creative pioneer like Walt Disney, Andy Warhol, William Shakespeare, and countless others. Kanye often says he is "the most influential artist of our generation." Extremely alarming!

His direction of music is somewhat confusing


Kanye's first music productions are almost universally praised and appreciated by critics and the public. However his recent albums, namely "Yeezus" and "The Life of Pablo" - have witnessed the male rapper making less-than-attractive sounds and melodies, which has made some longtime fans unsatisfied.

Some hip-hop fans also criticized Kanye for excessive use of samples. While the use of real samples is a common practice in hip-hop, some argue that Kanye's music is very close to the boundaries of music plagiarism and lack of originality throughout his career.

By: Roxana Edwards

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