Justin Bieber slammed for bad behavior

In the latest episode of Watch What Happens Live!, Bill Hader and Jay Pharoah revealed that Justin Bieber used to have inappropriate behavior.


The SNL veteran stopped by Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen Thursday night, where a fan called in to ask who he and fellow guest Jay Pharaoh consider the worst-behaved celebrity host or musical guest from their time on the show. 

"It was Bieber," Hader said bluntly. 

As he explained, "He just was in a bad place...Maybe he's in a better place, but back then he was in a very…it was rough."

"Everybody's usually on great behavior," Hader elaborated. "Bieber is the only one in my experience...he just seemed like exhausted or just at the end of a rope."

This definitely isn't the first time Bill Hader called out Justin Bieber as a hosting blight. After the episode aired, the actor went on Howard Stern's radio show and spoke about the pop star's entourage and behavior during the week. As proven by his Watch What Happens Now appearance, Hader clearly hasn't left that opinion in the past. And just look at Jay Pharoah's face as it's cemented that Bieber is the answer.

SNL alumni Bill Hader and Jay Pharaoh.

This is not the first time that Justin has been strongly criticized for his bad behavior.

Comedian John Mulaney was a writer on "SNL" during Bieber's first visit back in 2010 -- and the "Baby" crooner certainly left an impression.

"I was writing something and I had to go down and rehearse it late at night on a Friday," Mulaney recalled recently.

"I was walking down the hall carrying all these papers, and then, suddenly, someone jumped in front of me and did, like, karate in my face. And I dropped all my papers and (made a sound) like: 'Hnngh!'

"And then I looked and it was Justin Bieber. And he laughed in my face and all his friends laughed in my face.

In addition one of his fans told that he once smoked and beat a few trainees after an argument with Selena on phone.

Justin Bieber is accused of having inappropriate behavior.

Facing the wave of criticism, Bieber's fans have voiced to protect their idol and supposed that it was his bad time after break up with Selena. "We all know that 2012 - 2013 is a time of crisis of his love and career, let's forgive him because of his today efforts. "

After "temporarily breaking up" Selena, the Baby singer has been rumor to be dating model Baskin Champion. He was involved in a car accident a few days ago but it did not cause serious consequences.

By: Christina Baker

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