'Shazam!' prepares to produce Season 2

The last DC’s superhero blockbuster had a very good start, earning nearly $ 160 million and becoming the box office champion last week.


"Shazam!" is the DC's 7th superhero movie, following the erratic style of blockbusters up and down earlier like “Man of Steel” (2013), “Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice” (2016), “Wonder Woman” (2017) and “Aquaman” (2018). 

Before the movie was released, many DC fans were uneasy when they saw "Shazam!" more boring than movies at the same time. However, surpassing everyone's expectations, the film brought unexpected success, received countless compliments, even considered the best DC movie ever. 


Only after 3 days of release, "Shazam!" won with nearly 160 million, leading the box office last week. With the content of superhero alternating with funny elements, the film really gives the audience a bright work, comfortable feeling that is different from the dark style so far. 


With such success, the brand immediately made a move to prepare the second part of the film. Recently, when interviewing with Collider, producer Peter Safran revealed that he would have to start working on part 2 of "Shazam!" to keep up with the speed of the child stars, especially Zack Dylan Grazer - a very popular face. In 2017, he participated in “IT” that became a hot movie. 


In the mid-credit segment, it seems that in part 2, the Shazam’s family will face an extremely dangerous enemy. The credits revolve around the time when Thaddeus Sivana is writing magic characters to escape his cell. Then he hears a voice from the radio around the room, and suddenly a worm appears with the radio on the window.

This is also the worm that was imprisoned in a glass cage in the Eternal Cave but it escaped after Sivan came to disturb the place. It introduces itself as Mr. Mind, at the same time, reveals to Sivana that he will have big plans for other magical territories. The long-time DC fans will easily recognize this is a super intelligent alien creature that is a great enemy of Shazam. 


This detail is also suggested in the movie when Mr. Mind says it is interesting when they work together and 7 kingdoms will be theirs. The seven kingdoms here refer to seven magical lands that have direct connections to the Rock of Eternity in the comics: Earthlands, Funlands, Gamelands, Darklands, Monster lands, Wildlands and Wozenderlands. Thus, most likely in part 2, our superhero bringing the childish soul will face this evil person. However, this is only speculation, but to know exactly what we have to wait for a while longer. 

By: Joshua Thompson

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