Johnny Depp and ex-wife keep attacking each other on newspapers

The conflict between Johnny Depp and his ex-wife Amber Heard is still continuing on the press. Sooner or later, the ex-couple will 'reunite' in court.

Aquaman actress is reported to have accused Johnny Depp of psychologically abusing her, whereas she was trying to forget the past.

Nevertheless, Depp’s lawyer declared "we will submit overwhelming evidence to a U.K. court next month that Ms. Heard repeatedly violently attacked and severely injured Mr. Depp, and then faked abuse allegations against him”. Before the couple’s divorce in 2016, Heard confirmed that Depp had violently thrown her phone at the face, pulled her hair and hit her when he was drunk.

Amber Heard's bruise on People magazine in June 2016. On British GQ, Johnny Depp claimed that his ex-wife's face was completely normal after the fight. Photo: People.

Then, Heard appeared with a bruised face. A few months later, the TMZ posted a video in which the couple were quarreling. After that, Heard received $7 million from Depp as a divorce settlement, and the actress donated a few million dollars for the Los Angeles Children's Hospital.

On the British GQ, Depp confirmed that Heard's face was normal after the the quarrel broke out, and without any bruises. The Pirates of the Caribbean actor also described the video posted on TMZ as having been edited just to wreck his fame.

Also, Depp's attorney Adam Waldman said: "He just defended himself against Heard's unreasonable charges. Johnny Depp is the victim of abuse."

Adam Waldman asserted: "Ms. Heard has been previously arrested and spent the night in jail for domestic abuse," Waldman told Newsweek. "Ms. Heard has admitted to multiple violent attacks against Johnny Depp that caused serious injury. Eyewitness, photographic, and previous sworn testimony will be presented to the court." The lawyer confirmed “Johnny Depp is the abuse victim!”

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Depp's lawyer is going to submit evidence in the upcoming hearing in the UK. The actor sued The Sun for labeling him "wife beater".

Johnny Depp and his ex-wife Amber Heard. Photo: Vanity Fair.

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard met each other in the studio of The Rum Diary (2011). They married in February 2015. But then Heard filed for divorce in 2016, and it was not until 2017 was the noisy divorce completed. With what is happening, it is likely that the couple will continue to argue in the future.

Both Depp and Heard star in striking blockbusters which are going to hit theaters soon. Audience will have a reunion with Depp in Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald, which is planned to be released on November 16th.

Meanwhile, Heard's blockbuster Aquaman is predicted to rock theaters on global scale after its premiere on December 21. In the movie about Arthur Curry, Heard plays Mera, a marine goddess with extraordinary power.

By: Chris Stewart

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