Jennifer Lopez's complicated love stories before Alex Rodriguez

Before betrothing to player Alex Rodriguez, Jennifer Lopez fell in love with Ojani Noa, Diddy Sean Combs, Cris Judd, Ben Affleck and Marc Anthony.


On March 9, Alex Rodriguez posted a photo of holding Jennifer Lopez, announcing that they were engaged. American baseball player gives his girlfriend a costly diamond ring, which has a large rectangular face. The voice of "On The Floor" could not hide happiness when sharing a similar moment with a heart symbol.


After 2 years of love, the couple decided to go further in the relationship. Rodriguez is famous for his passion for J.Lo, he often accompanies his girlfriend at the event. And the female singer who shared the love with Rodriguez is the most beautiful, although she has experienced 3 times of marriage and dated with many young men.


Before falling in love with Rodriguez, J.Lo had a complicated life and many ups and downs. Her first marriage was with waiter Ojani Noa. The two met at the Miami restaurant (USA) and became a couple in 1997. But they divorced after only 11 months of living together. After breaking up, Noa repeatedly said badly to her and also announced that he would release the tape to record the lovemaking scene with his ex-wife on the media.


Around the end of the 1990s, J.Lo fell in love with hip-hop star Diddy Sean Combs, when the two shook hands on the female singer's "On The 6" album. At that time, Lopez shared his boyfriend who said "I love you" the first time they met. However, on December 27, 1999, the two were arrested while playing in Midtown Manhattan nightclub and charged with possession of criminal weapons. Despite being not guilty, J.Lo decided to break up with Sean Combs because she did not want to continue living an adventure.


In late 2000, J.Lo met the dancer and musician Cris Judd when he directed her "Love Don’t Cost A Thing" music video. Two people quickly could not live without each other and decided to marry in September 2001. By June of the following year, they broke up, and the divorce was completed in 2003. The fans regret because the idol pair could not take the relationship further.


Having just finished with Chris Judd, Lopez immediately fell in love with the famous director Ben Affleck. The two met on the set of "Gigli" in 2002. Soon after, Affleck proposed to her in November of that year with a 6-carat pink diamond ring, worth $ 1.2 million. However, in January 2004, they announced farewell. The extravagant wedding ceremony planned to be held in Santa Barbara, California must also be canceled.


Not long after that, Lopez quickly intimated with Marc Anthony. Because of this, the female singer was rumored to be the cause of "Latin Prince" farewell to Miss Universe Dayanara Torres despite having two children together. During the time of being husband and wife, Lopez and Anthony have the lovely twins named Max and Emme. By July 2011, they ended the love story. However, by November 2016, they suddenly gave each other a kiss on the stage of the Latin Grammy Awards night, making fans think that she would return to her ex-husband but in the end, it did not happen.​​​​​

By: Abigail Harris

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