Jackie Chan fighting on the Sydney Opera House in new movie

"Bleeding Steel" is the new fictional action film by the Asian martial arts star, Jackie Chan.

At the age of 63, after more than half a century of dedication to the cinema world , Chan shared: "The whole world knows I am an actor, but I just want to play more genres." This time, the actor is in China's first blockbuster whose scenes are shot at the top of the Sydney Opera House. 

The two-minute trailer of “Bleeding Steel” unveils thrilling storyline with striking action scenes. This time, Jackie Chan transforms into Lin Dong, a man who has a special mission to protect the important witness (also a scientist) against the chasing of dangerous biological robots.


In order to fulfil his mission, he had to leave his daughter with a severe case of leukemia at a hospital. Years later, when he started his new life in Sydney, Lin Dong was pursued by his old enemies. During escaping, he did some investigation and discovered the terrible secret behind the experiment that the scientist is carrying out which includes the creation of the girl with a steel heart. 

“Bleeding Steel” brings the action of Jackie Chan’s film to a grand new level. The trailer is filled with fierce and violent fighting. In particular, the actor must directly participate in the intense battles without any stuntmen. His enemies are powerful villains, much smarter and are carrying out an evil plan. The trailer is full of thrills with continuous fire and intense pursuit. In particular, viewers will also get overwhelmed by the fight between Lin Dong and his enemy on top of the Sydney Opera House.


At the age of 63, Jackie Chan still proves his energy by showing off a series of impressive actions. He retains the style with flexible, beautiful, decisive, and humorous moves. As the most expensive Chinese movie ever filmed in Australia, "Bleeding Steel" has many epic action scenes, blistering and overwhelming. The movie's villains are also powerful, clever and fast.

After the role of the Vietnamese father lost his children in "The Foreigner - Jackie", Jackie Chan continues to engrave his fatherly love that moves people. His daughter is the driving force for his will to fight and to survive.


Not only grandiose and intense, the film also subtly integrates elements of comedy and action into the film scenes. The appearance of young, potential actors such as Luo Zhi Xiang, Ouyang Nana and many fun elements make the film really entertaining.

The film is produced by Jackie Chan, directed by Leo Zhang - who is famous for the Shanghai Disorder (2012). Together with that, the blockbuster has a multinational cast: Jackie Chan, Callan Mulvey (from "Captain America: The Winter Soldier"), Tina Haubrich (from "Alien: Covenant"), and Australian-Vietnamese martial artist Maria Tran.

By: Olivia Mendoza

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