Is “Black Panther” overrated?

“Black Panther” has been grossing more than $ 700 million globally, but just like the 5-billion-view hit "Despacito", Marvel's blockbuster " cannot live up to many audiences' expectation.

"Is Black Panther overrated?" “ Is Black Panther overly acclaimed?” These are questions that have attracted a lot of comments on forums like Reddit, Quora, Crunchyroll...

There are numerous mixed opinions of the movie with more than $ 700 million in revenue after nearly 10 days of releasing.

Many weird points in the script 

Those who raised the question are eager to seek for support from a few who think that Marvel's blockbuster is not as great as what the media has acclaimed. The opinion also comes from movie fans who are not interested in superhero blockbuster movies. 

On Reddit, one claimed that despite being acclaimed as a phenomenon, Black Panther was still the same as other superhero films with "the same voice, weak scripts and mediocre performance, yet held a 97 % score on Rotten Tomatoes ". 

Being overly acclaimed is a double sword. Photo:  Marvel 

On Quora, many audiences pointed out a myriad of abnormal things in the script. How did T'Challa survive getting stabbed and thrown from a height that would probably break every bone in his body?How does vibranium do everything, from mutating plants so that they can give people superpowers and fixing a broken spinal cord? He believes his country, the system, and his father the whole movie, so why would he betray his ideas like that? Why was Claue not killed before, which would lead to Killmonger getting to Wakanda in time for the actual challenge? 

Another reader said: "The film was not bad, but did it deserve the acclaimation that critics and global audience have given it in the past half a month?"

Too many political tasks on a movie

Meanwhile, the critics debates have revolved around the political aspects of the film. In a cover story for Time, Jamil Smith suggested that for a culture that faces growing threats from white ethnocentric movements, “the very existence of Black Panther feels like resistance”. 

The political messages of the movies have been also much mentioned on media. Photo: Entertainment Weekly 

This opinion has caused many arguments. Guardian acknowledged that the film was a breakthrough when describing the people and lands of Africa from their own perspective, not through the eyes of whites and pioneering in featuring of a largely black cast. In addition, Guardian agreed that the movie was a great work, but it supposed that setting too many political tasks on a movie did not seem to be reasonable. 

By: Christina Baker

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