Interest things to know about the talented Hemsworth family

In addition to being crazy good looking, all the family members of “Thor” are also known for being extremely talented.

Like the Hadids and the Olsens, the Hemsworths is one of the few families to gather talented and charming celebrities. If you only knew Liam Hemsworth, Chris Hemsworth or Luke Hemsworth, you probably missed out on their parents, who are also interesting and excellent people.


Referring to Chris and Liam, people would think of the most powerful brothers in Hollywood when both are brightest names in recent blockbusters.

Known in Hollywood after his brother Liam, but Chris Hemsworth is currently the most famous among the three Hemsworth brothers. This man was a brilliant candidate for a series of blockbusters. But it was not until the iconic role “Thor” in the Marvel’s series that Chris Hemsworth really became an A-list star of the world's top movie capital.

Thor – the iconic role that made the name of Chris Hemsworth. (Photo: Businessinsider)

Meanwhile, Liam Hemsworth was the first to take part in the Hollywood with the romantic drama The Last Song, starring Miley Cyrus in 2010. This role helped the talented guy gain Young Hollywood Breakthrough Award and Male Breakthrough Award at the Teen Choice Awards. In 2016, Liam first starred in blockbuster Day. The actor then was more known as an action star after playing Gale Hawthorne, Katniss's best friend in The Hunger Games.

Liam was the first in the family to step into Hollywood. (Photo: Weheartit)

Chris and Liam are the two most powerful brothers in Hollywood today. (Photo: Weheartit)


There is not much news about Liam's mother, Leonie Hemsworth, but as far as people know, she gave birth to her children in Melbourne, Victoria before settling on Phillip Island. Leonie is an English teacher and tutor at a high school in Australia. This information was shared by Liam on the Graham Norton show.

Leonie Hemsworth also works with her husband, Craig Hemsworth, at a child protection organization in Australia. Liam's brother, Luke Hemsworth, once shared that they wrote a model for every Australian organization to follow in order to recognize the violence and the steps to protect children.

Chris's beautiful mother, Lionie Hemsworth, is a teacher and social activist. (Photo: Instagram @liamhemsworth)


Craig Hemsworth is an active social service consultant. Craig and Leonie helped shape the Victoria’s Child Protection Act - a noble and proud work of the Hemsworth family.

As a thank you for his parents, Chris Hemsworth paid off their debt. Liam said that his brother's action had a big impact on him.

Chris helped pay off his parents' debt - a nice action that made Liam admire. (Photo: Instagram @chrishemsworth)


Luke Hemsworth is the eldest of the family. The 37-year-old actor is less popular than his brothers, but thanks to the role Stubbs in Westworld, Luke's name has made a big hit. Luke was the first in the family to participate in acting. He appeared on the Neighbors series after attending the National Theatre Drama School in Melbourne.

The Hemsworth brothers (from left to right): Liam, Luke and Chris. Despite not being as famous as his brothers, Luke is still trying to go his own way. (Photo: Pinsdaddy)

The Hemsworths’ eldest brother married his wife Samantha Hemsworth in 2007. His own family moved to Los Angeles to live later. Currently, Luke is suspending his acting career and starting his own business.

Luke and his wife, Samantha Hemsworth. The couple and their children have moved to Los Angeles. (Photo: AssignmentX)

By: Quinn Abrams

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