Hollywood stars get into a panic after forest fire in California

The fire in California in the evening of November 8 has frightened many Hollywood celebrities. Some of them have been evacuated from their homes.

On November 8, a huge forest fire occurred in southern California, threatening thousands of citizens’ lives. It is reported by People that reality television star Kim Kardashian was forced to evacuate as her mansion was in the area which the fire can spread to. 

Not only Kim Kardashian, but also many other Hollywood stars had to leave their houses to stay safe during the disaster like Alyssa Milano, Rainn Willson and Lady Gaga.

Other celebrities such as Orlando Bloom, Iggy Anzalea, Will Smith have expressed their concern on social networking sites as they are all living near the fire. Kylie Jenner is immensely frightened because the fire is very close to her mansion. She also expects the surrounding residents to be safe. 

Many celebs share pictures of the fire on their pages. 

Actor Will Smith shares that the fire is just about 08 miles away from his house, so the Smiths were not asked to be evacuated. However, his wife and his daughter are still worried that the fire may continue to spread. 

"That is very scary," the actor says in the video posted on his Instagram. "We haven't been told to evacuate just yet, but Willow is nervous so she made me go outside and look and make a daddy assessment." 

According to EOnline, some other celebs like Leonardo DiCaprio, Barbra Streisand, Miley Cyrus, Rihanna, Charlize Theron and Britney Spears also live in the vicinity of the fire and may have to evacuate at any time.

In addition, the fire has spread to the studio of the HBO series Westworld, causing damage to some scenes. 

Earlier, it was reported that the Kardashians had rushed to evacuate their property and fled their house for safety. Kim Kardashian had got on her private helicopter to leave her luxurious mansion on the hill.

After calming herself down, the reality TV star expressed her gratitude towards the first people who discovered the fire to promptly inform the other residents living in the neighborhoods. 

The fire’s image taken from Kim Kardashian's private hericopter.

Kardashian also shared a video footage recorded from her private helicopter. The fire originated in Woolsey and then quickly spread to the hillside near Thousand Oaks, creating a fire wall isolating Southern California.

Also in Kim Kardashian’s video, fire trucks and policemen were quickly present, scattered across the streets to help the people.

Fortunately, the fire is now temporarily under control. However, residents from Valley Circle to Lindera Canyon are still required to evacuate for their safety.

By: Chris Stewart

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