Hollywood makes the first movie about the Empress of China

For the first time, Hollywood has carried on an English-language movie project about the most famous woman of China - Wu Zetian.

According to Variety, recently, two Hollywood studios have officially embarked on the project of a historical drama about the scandalous empress of China, Wu Zetian.  

Specifically, Metan Entertainment of Larry Namer and Entree Pictures have decided to co-produce the movie. The film was adapted from the novel Empress by Evelyn McCune, and the screenplay is composed by Ron Bass.

The film features American, Canadian and Chinese casts, as well as some cameo roles. The project is undergoing the pre-production and is scheduled to shoot in May 2019.

Wu Zetian is the most famous but scandalous empress in the history of China. 

So far, producers have not revealed any further information about the director and the main cast. The face for Wu Zetian role has been being carefully selected around the world, but it is unsure whether the role will be given to an American or Asian actress. 

Choi Joon Hwan, the founder of Entree Pictures, said: "In most portrayals, she is a power-hungry, brutal woman. This version represents her in an entirely new light, showing her intense passion for knowledge, the arts and romance. This is a character drama that shows a side that inspired the Golden age of China.

Fan Bingbing is one of the most influential actresses of China. Wu Zetian is a remarkable role in her acting career. 

Producer Ron Bass said: “Having written more than 200 screenplays, dealing with a broad variety of worlds and characters and issues, it has been an extraordinary delight to tell the story of Wu Zhao, the woman who rises from a beautiful young courtesan, to the indispensable partner of the most powerful ruler in the world, then to the power behind the throne as she governs secretly for the second great love of her life, the Emperor’s inexperienced and overwhelmed son.” 

Bass continued"What a thrilling opportunity in this day when women around the world are at last coming to the roles in public life they deserve, to tell the story of the woman who should serve as role model to us all. Fascinating, complex, indomitable, it is a dream role for any writer to create and any actor to portray.

Wu Zetian was the queen of China in the 7th century under the Tang dynasty. She was Emperor Taizong’s cocubine, later became the queen of China. In the end, she took the throne to become the ruler of China during her Zhou dynasty. 

Wu Zetian’s life has been portrayed countless times in Chinese historical dramas.

Anecdotes, stories and historical evidence have drawn a multifaceted image of Wu Zetian with both merits and sins. This woman has always been the subject of endless debates among historians.

By: Chris Stewart

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