Hailey Baldwin gets more fans as Mrs. Bieber

Hailey Baldwin has been presenting herself as Hailey Bieber since September when the couple got married. She is attracting more and more public attention.

On November 15th, Hailey Bieber attended an event at Times Square (New York city). This was one of the first events she appeared as Mrs. Bieber. The model seemed very proud of her new family name when showing off her jean jacket decorated with a big “Bieber”. 

In September, after only a few months of reunion, Hailey and Justin Bieber were questioned whether their romantic relationship was serious and lasting. However, the couple declared not to care about what people were talking about them and just wanted to spend time together. 

On November 16th, Justin publicly hailed Hailey on his Instagram. "My wife is awesome" he wrote, together with the latest photo of them. Previously, in September, Hailey changed her family name from Baldwin to Bieber. She claimed to use the name Hailey Bieber as her official name for any entertainment activity from then on. The beautiful blonde also renamed her Instagram into a haileybieber. 

Hailey Bieber proudly put on a jacket with her husband’s last name on the back. Photo: ET. 

Since then, Hailey has been increasingly loved by the audiences. This can be clearly seen when each of her Instagram posts gets a dramatically huge attention. Hailey Bieber’s latest images get hundreds of thousands to 1 million likes for each. For an account of 15.4 million followers (one tenth compared to Selena Gomez's), that is considered a tremendous number of interactions. 

The model also changed her Instagram account’s name to haileybieber. Photo: Screenshot 

Besides, Hailey Bieber is considered as the only girl who can make Justin Bieber temporarily leave his music career aside to spend all his time with her. The 21-year-old model is also said to be a perfect half of Justin Bieber, understanding and accompanying the singer in life. The couple's latest pictures posted on social networking sites are widely shared and blessed. 

So, just after 5 months, from being seen as the one who jumped into the relationship between Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez, Hailey has improved that she came to Baby singer’s life as a present from God. She has truly become a wife that Justin Bieber loves with all his heart and wishes to stay beside till the end of his life. When it comes to the couple’s careers, Hailey Bieber is believed to continue to pursue professional modeling, whereas Justin Bieber’s fans are longing for the Canadian singer's official comeback. 

Justin Bieber publicly called Hailey Bieber "my wife" on Instagram on Nov 16. Photo: Screenshot.

By: Chris Stewart

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