Gucci teamed up with Beyoncé to supply clean water for Africa

Beyoncé is so loved for not only powerful voice, but also her kindness for the common good of society.

On the occasion of the 2018 World Water Day, the Italian fashion brand Gucci has teamed up with Beyoncé’s charity BeyGOOD and United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) to launch the “BeyGOOD 4 Burundi” campain, in an effort to increase clean water supply, improve sanitation in Burundi, East Africa where almost half of people do not have enough water to live.

The “Chime for Change campaign” - set up by Gucci in 2013 to support children and women globally in promoting gender equality - will go hand in hand with Beyoncé’s charity during this project. At the same time, Gucci also committed $ 1 million to the campaign. The main goal of “BeyGood 4 Burundi” is to build more than 80 freshwater wells in Burundi to serve water for more than 120,000 women and children.

Women and children in Burundi must use everything to collect water. Photo: UNICEF 2017 / Juan Haro.

Heavy lifts can cause serious health consequences. Photo: UNICEF 2017 / Juan Haro.

According to BeyGood Director Ivy McGregor, today many hospitals in Burundi are witnessing women and children dealing with shortages of boiled water for drinking, as well as clean water for living. In addition, girls in puberty and young women are being hit hard by the growing water crisis. If women are immersed in unclean water during periods, it will easily cause serious diseases. So, because of the lack of water, girls who are in the menstrual cycle are forced to take a break from school one week each month to ensure their well-being.

Beyoncé visiting families difficult circumstances in Haiti. Photo: @beyonce.

With thanks to Gucci's million-dollar commitment, the “BeyGood 4 Burundi” campaign will strengthen the construction of many freshwater wells while ensuring clean water supplies for hospitals, schools and health centers in this country.

While many of us are still using basic services such as water, electricity, and roads... and see them as a must-have, people are living in poor conditions without clean water needed. Photo: Shaquana Golding.

A self-drilled water well running out of water. Photo: Shaquana Golding.

The dedication of Beyoncé and her associates is not merely a theoretical support, BeyGOOD remains committed to UNICEF as well as to Gucci to implement and monitor closely to accelerate the completion of the community project as soon as possible.

With contributions to social activities, the partnership between Gucci, singer Beyoncé and UNICEF has been supporting practical projects, particularly raising awareness and mobilizing resources in society to build a better future for women and children.

By: Anna Bennett

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