'Gringo': memorable adventure of an unlucky black guy in Mexico

Invested by Charlize Theron, "Gringo" owns a cast of big names and a series of sarcastic laughs.

Charlize Theron is no stranger to the international scene through the sharp role. However, not everyone knows her as a talented film producer. For example, the first production that she also played in was “Monster” (2003) which brought her a noble Oscar. With the experience of 16 major movie projects, the low budget movie “Gringo” released this weekend is widely expected by fans because it is her own bail. 


However, it is almost the only bright spot of “Gringo” with the seductive role of Charlize Theron. The film stops at a "black comedy" with a lot of messy details, but it's still a commendable effort of director Nash Edgerton and two scriptwriters Anthony Tambakis and Matthew Stone.


Harold Soyinka (David Oyelowo) is a middle-level executive at a pharmaceutical company in the United States. He is responsible for managing the company's drugstore located in Mexico.

Harold discovers his wife (Thandie Newton) after spending a lot of money, so he decides to go for a divorce while his best friend Richard Rusk (Joel Edgerton) - General manager with assistant Elaine Markinson (Charlize Theron) is secretly planning to oust him from the company. Angrily, Harold plans to take the big money from his betrayal friend.


Harold pretends to be kidnapped while working in Mexico to force Richard to pay $ 5 million in cash to ransom him. But who knows, the stingy guy hired a professional martial arts mercenary to rescue the black man just for the price of $1 million.

The story becomes more complicated when Harold becomes the target of local tycoons seeking to seize the formula of industrial cannabis. Poor guy Harold gradually realizes that he is accidentally caught in the survival game beyond imagination.


“Gringo” has an impressive cast, many of whom have held or been nominated for an Oscar and Golden Globe. Beside the unlucky black Harold, each character contributes to the film also has a unique personality such as the charming but cunning blonde assistant, the stingy general manager, the mercenary as a vegetarian and the drug boss as a passionate fan of the legendary Beatles band.


In the black comedy genre, the film positively satirizes a variety of sensational issues, such as racism, the scandal of the pharmaceutical industry, the smuggling of cross-border stimulants in Mexico – USA. In terms of the overall scenario, the film was handled fairly well, not excessive. The characters are closely related, forming a closed circle.

Nevertheless, cramming into “Gringo” too many characters is like playing double-edged sword. Although “Grinco” owns the big ideas, “Grinco” still has a problem in developing the storyline. However, this is still a highly entertaining comedy we should spend time watching.

By: Roxana Edwards

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