Going back to your childhood with 'Christopher Robin'

Through the image attached to childhood as Pooh, Piglet pink pig, tiger Tigger, "Christopher Robin" of Disney has evoked much contemplation about life and family love.

Pooh Bear, Pink Piglet, Tigger, Eeyore have become familiar to many generations of children around the world. They bring a lot of fun and laughter to the audience. However, the once little boy Christopher Robin must grow up. He is now facing difficulties in life and has forgot the good old days.

At that time, while still a boy, Christopher Robin's world was just a jungle with his dear friends. Happiness was not doing anything, all day playing with laughter and wandering through every place. However, growing up is an inevitable part. Right at the beginning of the film was a hearty dinner that the friends prepared for Robin, signaling an upcoming separation between them.

Years passed by, Christopher Robin moved to another city, became a soldier, then father of a daughter. Getting out of the fight, he has to continue another "war" which is equally fierce. The economic situation has become more and more difficult, the man now has had a family to take care of.


Robin's life is now filled with paperwork, money and stress. Even time for the family is rare. He has forgotten the secret forest and his childhood friends. But they have never forgotten him. In a miraculous way, the Pooh Bear sneaks through the tree hole and meets Robin in the heart of London. Pooh thinks Robin will be glad to see him again, but Robin actually welcomes his old friend in panic, embarrassment and wants him to go away.

Pooh tells him that the secret of happiness is doing nothing, but Robin is over the age to be entitled to "not doing anything" then. Pooh forever has the soul of a child that never grows. He wonders if Robin's papers were more important or that balloons were more important. The papers only give Robin pressure, and the balloon makes Pooh happy.

Since the release of the trailer, many people have got emotional when they see their childhood friends. Pooh Bear, Pink Piglet, Tiger, Eeyore have become familiar with millions of children around the world. Once hand-drawn animation, now they are reproduced in a vivid, CGI technology. Still, Pooh has a big belly, wears a red T-shirt, but becomes much more lively.


The movie is a combination of rustic drawings in books, CGI graphics and live action. The work is covered with sad colors because the adult life is no longer a bright, multi-colored picture. Despite the harsh reality of life, fairy tales still exist, there is always a "happy ending" as long as we keeping believing and trying for the better.



By: Alice Kim

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