General Zod and 5 other faded villains of DC on screen

To find a villain worthy of the enemy of the DC’s heroes on the small screen is like to find a needle in a haystack.

The following are the faces that represent a generation of failed miserably villains in MCU superhero movies.

No.1. The Enchantress/June Moone played by Cara Delevingne


In “Suicide Squad” (2016), Enchantress has changed so much that many people feel sorry for a charismatic counterattack of DC Comic.

Beautiful model Cara Delevingne with the bad show has turned the story of June Moone faded, the witch herself is not attractive to the audience much attention. As the main villain of the movie but she didn’t have an ideal for herself and awesome personality, which contributed to the failure of “Suicide Squad”.

No.2. Steppenwolf played by Ciarán Hinds


Having predicted as a DC blockbuster but “Justice League” was badly criticized by the audiences after the movie. There were too many things for fans to criticize and one of them was villain SteppenWolf. This form of character made everyone sigh deeply because major formation was mainly dependent on CGI technology, and actor Ciarán Hinds who showed this character was too poor to reproduce a villain on the small screen.

No.3. Ares played by David Thewlis


Even DC's most successful blockbuster, “Wonder Woman”, didn’t escape this fate. God of War Ares by actor David Thewlis was probably the biggest minus in the movie about a mighty female warrior. As a war god, Ares didn’t have a habitude, so looking at Ares didn’t make viewers scared at all.

No.4. Doomsday played by Robin Atkin Downes


Doomsday's villain which Robin Atkin Downes played in "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" left so much regret in the hearts of fans. Not only because of so little appearance, but because Doomsday is so fuzzy that no one remembered much.

No.5. Lex Luthor played by Jesse Essenberg


One more bad guy in “Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice” is Lex Luthor played by Jesse Essenberg. In the comic and animated versions, Lex Luthor is a billionaire, richer than Batman, and a genius inventor who can make countless new weapons to threaten Superman. In the movie, Lex Luthor is a paranoid.

No.6. General Zod played by Michael Shannon


Sadly, despite of being an Oscar-nominated actor, Michael Shannon still couldn’t salvage the image of villain General Zod - who confronted Superman in “Superman: Man of Steel” directed by Zack Snyder. Zod was always considered a great foe of Clark Kent but Michael's version can be more like a madman. Many people also claimed that Michael was not strong enough to take on the role of a Kryptonian leader who was ready to do everything to ensure survival for his people.

By: Stephan Swift

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