Gary Oldman spends 200 hours on becoming the UK PM in “Darkest Hour”

Gary Oldman recently revealed that it took him 200 hours to become UK Prime Minister Winston Churchill in "Darkest Hour”.

Recently, Universal Studios and its longtime companion - Working Title have released the first trailer of the film "Darkest Hour" - the work is expected to win Oscars this year. “Darkest Hour” carries historical color, witnessing Gary Oldman's makeup as former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill. With the Golden Globe nomination for Best Actor, Gary Oldman's Oscar-winning Golden Global is approaching. 

"Darkest Hour" is expected to give Gary Oldman the award he had "lost" 6 years ago: Best Actor. 

Based on the context of England during the tense period of World War II, “Darkest Hour” were the ups and downs of the highly successful leadership career of Winston Churchill. In the days of the inauguration of the British Prime Minister, Winston Churchill faced one of the most difficult challenges: negotiating a peace treaty with the Nazis, or standing up for the ideal, independence and freedom of the country.  


As the Nazi forces flooded Europe with unstoppable strength and the threat of invasion was near, the British people were unprepared for this. The king was still full of doubt, even the Party of Winston Churchill was also plotting against him, so Churchill had to overcome the darkest moments of his life, lead a country and try to turn history around. 

Not only the battlefield the soldiers actually shed blood, the war in Dark Hours is a struggle in politics for patriotism and national self-respect. 

The first film opened when the legendary politician Winston Churchill was elected prime minister in the face of reluctance of the British royal family and the skepticism of the people. Despite of pressure from many sides, he remained firm and steadfast as a leader of the country amidst the war that was spreading across Europe and on the brink of threatening England. 


Thanks to the perfect incarnations as the character with the very special shape as in the films Dracula, True Romance, The Fifth Element, Hannibal, Gary Oldman was dubbed a "chameleon" of England. This time, in “Darkest Hour”, the actor will again be "transformed" when he put on the mask to become the former Prime Minister. 

Gary Oldman shared that throughout the movie he had spent 200 hours on the dressing room and added his half weight on his face to have the chunky figure of Winston Churchill. Along with the ability to simulate voice and master tone, Gary Oldman has been completely transformed. 


About the role, actor Gary Oldman expressed, "Every character has its own challenges, but Winston Churchill's role is really hard to play, so there are a lot of things to do. Not only in appearance, but he is one of the greatest men and a symbol in England and. Sometimes I feel discouraged, but I have felt so exciting in my life. I’m very eager to play him." 


In addition to Gary Oldman, the cast includes many talented stars such as Lily James, John Hurt, Ben Mendelsohn and Kristin Scott Thomas. With the script written by the talented screenwriter Anthony McCarten (the scriptwriter of “The Theory of Everything”) and the direction of Joe Wright (film director of “Anna Karenina”, “Atonement” and “Pride & Prejudice”). “Darkest Hou”r is undoubtedly a must-see movie for the first time in 2018. 

By: Gitta Russell

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