Gary Oldman receives an Oscar after 36 years of dedication

"The greatest actor who never won an Oscar" is no longer true for Gary Oldman.

In 2015, when Leonardo officially escaped the title of "Leo No-Oscar", all eyes were on British man Gary Oldman. Started acting in 1982, right after 36 years, with so many incarnations that make movie audiences surprised, he was recognized a talent by the most prestigious film award.


His movie love came to him in 1971 when the actor born in 1958 saw the movie “The Raging Moon”. Malcolm McDowell's performance in the movie has given him a dream of becoming a movie actor.

He joined the drama school and then became a drama actor along with a filming actor. "Sid and Nancy" (1986) made him a big hit, made him a notable name, and gave him a solid launch pad.

Gary Oldman's great appearance as Prime Minister Churchill

At the time, the critic Roger Ebert had to say, Oldman was able to recreate himself for every role and was one of the best young British actors.

Sid Vicious, who was a former member of the rock band - Sex Pistols, was an alcoholic, drug addict with a wildlife attitude. It was not an easy role to play, but he proved himself to be an actor, and that meant he could be in every role.


Then Gary Oldman was noticed by Hollywood, and he began to take on big projects with characters ranging from Oliver Stone's JFK biopic to Dracula's role in the film of the same name directed by Francis Ford Coppola. Since then, Gary Oldman has become a celebrity in the role of villain. The most outstanding role was in the once-classic "Leon the professional" by French director Luc Besson. The appearance with obnoxious face of Oldman has produced one of the worst to impress the viewer.

But in 2012 with "Tinker tailor soldier spy", Gary Oldman recently received the first Oscar nomination. It should have been his role to get an Oscar. Tom Hardy, who co-starred with him, exclaimed in Digital Spy: "At acting school, everyone rehearsed his speech."


Surprisingly, even though Oldman is often portrayed as a villain, these roles always bring fondness rather than the hatred of the character. That's why he won a lot of fans' attention - a direct reason that made “Darkest Hour” loved by its debut in 2017 thanks to Oldman. A good movie firstly must have a good script, which is not true for “Darkest Hour”. Thanks to Oldman's immersive acting, “Darkest Hour” has received the audience's attention. As the role of British Prime Minister Churchill, he had to sit on the chair to transform for 200 hours.

Oscar finally came to his hands. After 36 years of dedication to the arts, acting in films of all kinds and all sorts of films, perhaps Oldman can sit back and take a break and be satisfied with his success himself.

By: Oralie Smith

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