“End Game” - the perfect title for “Avengers 4”

"End Game" is the purpose of the superhero in “Avengers 4”

In "Avengers: Infinity War", Doctor Strange uses Time Stone to see more than 14 million possible futures and only one of them is the superhero who will win. But soon after, Doctor Strange is also forced to give the Stone of Time to Thanos, through which he can accomplish his goal of obliterating the existence of half of the universe.


The title "End Game" will direct the film under Doctor Strange's vision that everything has been seen before. That is why the studio insists that "End Game" is the title of the Avengers as the way they assert the deaths in the Infinity War are real and the superheroes will not return.

"End Game" will be the ending for what was started 10 years ago


“Avengers 4” will be a tribute to the most powerful superheroes in the world, bringing the end to the story that has been "conceived" for a decade. With the contract of many actors coming to an end, “Avengers 4” will be the last epic of the early superheroes. If all superheroes could defeat Thanos, they would save the rest of the universe but would have to pay for that.

"End Game" can lead the audience to two meanings: One is the ending for the early Avengers and the other represents the emergence of the next generation.

"End Game" opens a separate path from the comic


The Russo brothers claimed that the title of “Avengers 4” would not be taken from the comic. They also said that it was a completely new story and not based on any story. “Avengers: End Game” has never appeared on the cover of any story so it can’t be denied that it could become a movie title.

To date, comic fans have become accustomed to Marvel using a variety of episodes, content in the comic to make movies. Although the film is still based on comics, Marvel has recently tried to drive it as far away from the original plot as possible.


The story of Age of Ultron in comics has a different ending in the movie version when Ultron wins the battle with the Avengers and they have to travel to the past to beat him. In addition, Ultron in the comic was created by Hank Pym but in the movie, Tony Stark is his "father".

In addition, events like the “Civil War” or “Ragnarok” were inspired by the story, but directors and scriptwriters exploited the character and content in a different direction to the original and seemed to be coming out from the old way.

Both Iron Man and Captain America will split their roles after the Avengers, so countless details from the comic will not be on the big screen in the future. “Avengers 4” will mark a very new MCU that a movie title has never appeared on the comic.

"End Game" may not be the title of “Avengers 4”, but it's still the most reasonable name given to the fans.

By: Scarlet Johnson

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