Dwayne Johnson reappears as one-legged former soldier in “Skyscraper”

In the new action movie Skyscraper, The Rock plays a veteran who fights like a hero despite losing a leg.

Recently, the 52nd Super Cup (Super Bowl 2018) has taken place under the watch of thousands of Americans and the world. This is considered a national day in the United States when the show is hosted by the NFL - the National Football League is the highest-viewing program of American television. Here, the activities of musical performances and the publication of television and film productions have become a tradition and an honor for performers and filmmakers to promote, in order to match the festival, the name of the faces also is "terrible." So when the first trailer of the action blockbuster – Skyscraper was debuted at the 52nd Super Bowl, the film garnered much anticipation and expectation from critics and fans thanks to the epic and novel script.

Action superstar - Dwayne Johnson "The Rock" will return to the big screen in “Skyscraper”.

The movie has the participation of former wrestling star who is one of Hollywood's top-selling revenue earners for the Hollywood blockbuster - Dwayne Johnson.

The actor, born in 1972, brought in $ 8 billion in worldwide box office for the films he joined such as Fast & Furious, Baywatch and San Andreas.

With the exuberant appearance and his masculine facial features of former WWE Championship wrestler and witty acting skill, Dwayne Johnson is still on the line for his acting career when he participates in two blockbusters in 2018, especially in “Skyscraper” scheduled to launch on July 13.

Brave hero -Will Ford played by The Rock

In the film, Dwayne Johnson will play the former veteran and FBI rescue team leader Will Ford brave. Unfortunately, in a dangerous mission, a terrible accident happened to Will, causing him to lose his left leg. Since then, Will Ford has quit his job at the FBI and has become a security expert for buildings.

The accident took away his left leg.

Family with wife and two children is the most precious thing in Will's life.

And the story begins at the tallest building in the world called The Pearl.

In his new job, Will has the opportunity to visit China and assess the security of the Pearl Tower, the tallest and most modern skyscraper in the world. Not only that, he is also honored to lead his entire family to enjoy the first-class service in this city. However, the strange happenings that occur repeatedly push Will and his family into a mortal challenge. The 240-storey building with modern security system suddenly burned down on the 96th floor. The people, traps and forces behind this disaster are definitely targeting veterans and taking his family as a hostage. With the experience, the bravery of a soldier, and the intense family love, will Will Ford find the mastermind and save his family?

Whom Will Ford has to face to save his family...

... as well as rescue the building has turned into a giant torch in mid-air?

By: Mithrine Smith

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