'Duck Duck Goose': funny family cartoon with meaningful lessons

“Duck Duck Goose” revolves around the story of goose guy Peng accidentally with broken wings who can’t fly and has to "carry" two more ducklings.

“Duck Goose Goose” revolves around the story of Peng, a free goose who likes to be a hero rather than practicing the upcoming migration. He thinks he is better than the others and spends his time on acrobatics with even crazy speed. 


In such acrobatics, Peng flies too close to the ground, hits a pack of ducklings and split Chao and Chi with their herd. After this phase of injury and landing, free guy Peng endures two orphans as they face the dangers and beauty of the outside world. 


During this unimaginable encounter, Peng must learn to care for the two ducklings despite opposing his independence. Besides they must find a way to escape from the cruel claw and hunger of evil cat Banzou, who will not stop chasing poor ducklings. 

“Duck Duck Goose” scores the first point in shaping the character bright and cute. From the supporting characters to the trio of “Duck Duck Goose” impressed the little audiences with the cuteness and humor. 


If Peng is a young, fast-paced, passionate person who loves speed and does not like to obey the rules of flying, duck Chi is a lovely, smart girl and always protects little brother full of heart. And the factor that caused many irony situations for the adventurous journey of the trio is Chao – little brother of Chi. Chao is a very voracious duckling, who often strays and loves to explore. 


In the migration journey to avoid the winter, the audiences will be traveling around the world with beautiful landscapes from the countryside with rice fields, the hills with green forests, the vast ponds and the murky caves. 

The days when the three are together makes the relationship between the two goose-duck specie, the invisible love cord that binds them into a family, which is also the message behind meaning story. Peng, from a selfish self who has grown up loving others unconditionally, and Chi and Chao, two baby ducks have looked at geese as a great mother they have. Especially, when the three together against the fearsome Banzou at the end of the film, Peng who are willing to sacrifice to save two children while Chi and Chao may be brave to stay with the "mother" to battle Banzou. 


In addition, the film also brings another message that children also need to know how to live independently, no matter who you are, you have to know how to care for yourself and help each other in difficult times. 

By: Oralie Smith

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