Do Brooklyn Beckham and Chloe Moretz break up?

After being spotted kissing the Playboy model, Brooklyn Beckham and his girlfriend Chloe Moretz have been rumoured to have broken up.

The 20-year-old actress has been recently spotted appearing with a strange man in a shopping center . She seemed to be very calm with the rumours of breaking up with Brooklyn

Paparazzi discovered that Chloe has no longer worn the ring that Brooklyn presented her. Many believe that the teen couple has split up. 


When dating Chloe, the oldest son of the Beckham family gave her a gold ring carved with the letter B (the first letter in Brooklyn's name). During their happy time together, Chloe was always seen wearing this ring. 

Fans expressed regret and left comments: "That finally came. Both will have a lot of different relationships before they find a special person. " 

"She is a young attractive woman. I believe Chloe will be happy in the future, "another said. 

Before that, a series of photos taken by paparazzi revealed that the 19-year-old son of the Beck family hung out with Playboy model Lexi Wood. Even they were spotted kissing each other on the street. Honestly, this is Bieber and Baskin Champion all over again. 

According to The Sun, Beckham was seen getting some new ink at the Honorable Society Tattoo Parlor, accompanied by Wood, and they weren't trying to hide their PDA. 

Daily Mail has even more photos of Wood and Beckham's PDA. 

Tattoo artist, Doctor Woo, shared a photo of Beckham's new ink on Instagram, along with the caption, "Classic Vargas pinup for a classic fella @brooklynbeckham." 

This PDA is somewhat surprising considering that last anyone checked, Brooklyn and Chloë Grace Moretz were still dating? Though apparently there have been "rumors" of a split—and Chloë hasn't mentioned her boyfriend on Instagram since March. 

Well, Chloë recently posted this screenshot of herself listening to Cardi B's "Be Careful," a song that reportedly addresses fiancé Offset's cheating rumors. 


According to the Daily Star, Wood is a Canadian model who has been featured in "Galore, Cosmopolitan Russia and Playboy magazine." She currently has over 90,000 followers on Instagram. 

According to the Daily Mail, Moretz and Beckham's on-again-off-again relationship started when they "first met at Paris Fashion Week in 2014." Since then, they've parted ways a number of times, but appeared to rekindle their romance in 2017, when Beckham moved to New York for college. 


Despite sharing several romantic Instagrams earlier this year, it appears that Moretz and Beckham are taking another break from their relationship. 

By: Christina Baker

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