Disney launches teaser for Mary Poppins Returns right in the middle of Oscars 2018

Disney has introduced a new episode about "the magical nanny" Mary Poppins after more than 50 years.


The image of cute nanny Mary Poppins has become one of the most popular character loved by children in the world since her debut several decades ago. Actress Julie Andrews was honored in the category of Best Actress for her role as Mary Poppins in the movie of the same name at the Oscar 50 years ago. And right in the middle of Oscars this year, Disney brought “the magical nanny” back to the latest teaser trailer of Mary Poppins Returns.

Audiences will reunite actor Ben Whishaw, who plays the boy Michael, now a widow who lives with his sister and takes care of her three children. His family had to go through extremely difficult times when they were blocked by the cold-blooded bank manager (played by Colin Firth).

Although the children have grown up, Mary Poppins with lots of incredible magic is still not older, but even more youthful than ever. The role of a completely new nanny is played by the beautiful actress Emily Blunt.

Ever since Disney announced Emily Blunt as successor to Julie Andrews, film fans have been extremely excited and eagerly awaiting her performance. This is because not only does Emily Blunt possess charming look and classic beauty which are very suitable for the role but she is also rated as an excellent acting talent.


In addition, Mary Poppins Returns marks the reunion of Meryl Streep and Emily Blunt after the well-known The Devil Wears Prada. Meryl Streep no longer plays the hard cold boss. She will play Topsy, a cousin of Mary Poppins. Certainly, Angela Lansbury, a familiar face of the kids musical movie series, will be an essential part of the episode.

In it, we see the first glimpses of the the namesake character working her magic to help the Banks family 'rediscover the joy and wonder missing in their lives,' Disney writes in the description on IMDB. The magical nanny uses her unique skills, with a bit of help from her friend Jack, played by Lin-Manuel Miranda of Hamilton fame, to give the Banks children, and now Michael's three little ones of his own, exactly what they need.


The film is set after Jane and Michael Banks have long-since grown up, in Depression-era London.

In just the first minute-and-a-half sneak peek, most social media users chimed in that the movie looks like it will be delightfully magical.

Mary Poppins Returns is scheduled to be released on December 28, 2018.

By: Christina Baker

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