Despite of fascinated beauty, Jessica Alba becomes faded in Hollywood

Jessica Alba is no longer interested as before, although she is still beautiful and once a top Hollywood superstar.

In the mid-2000s, Jessica Alba was Hollywood's top superstar. From the super heroine role in "Fantastic Four" to the fine image of "Sin City", she attracted to the audience because of her fascinated beauty. Even after the birth, the beauty and body of the female star is still attractive all men. But then one thing, from 2010 onwards, Jessica Alba has begun to fade and not become a star A on the silver screen.


Difficulties in finding quality roles

Hollywood filmmakers have been known to have a racial advantage when casting actors and actresses. Thus, Jessica Alba is very pretty, but is limited in the choice of roles because her appearance isn’t 100% white. In a recent interview, Jessica said, "They can’t determine what my race is, so I always choose exotic characters."


Nowadays, the entertainment industry has changed with many celebrities who own different skin colors, but Jessica is still struggling to cope with the difficult roles that require deep acting to bring about the awards.

Few people remember the movie she played


The most successful movie which helped Jessica Alba become famous is the first of "Sin City," with Bruce Willis and Clive Owen. But on screen, Jessica became fuzzy, as audiences were distracted by Nick Stahl's good acting as a mass murderer. Jessica's superheroine movie "Fantastic Four" also did not leave a deep impression in the history of the film.


Some stars like Scarlett Johansson who have achieved more success thanks to the Marvel superhero movie, but Jessica is in the opposite situation. Even Jessica had intended to retire because of “Fantastic Four”.


It's unlikely that critics hate a movie to give it a 0% score on Rotten Tomatoes, but it's true for Jessica's "An Invisible Sign."

A few years later, she collaborated with director Robert Rodriguez to film "Machete Kills." However, Jessica only appeared in flashes and this work also fell into oblivion.


Joining the romantic comedy genre such as "Some Kind of Beautiful", Jessica continued to fail. Coming back to "Sin City: A Dame to Kill" (2014), she did not get the attention she wanted.


In 2016, she appeared in the movie "Mechanic: Resurrection" with Jason Statham – the action movie superstar. It seemed like a piece of work resurrected for Jessica’s career, but it was also criticized. In particular, Jessica's acting is considered too ordinary that any amateur actor can replace her.

Removing herself from the A-list

Jessica Alba has two daughters with producer Cash Warren. Recently, they had a third baby, this time a boy.

Jessica Alba herself gradually tears away the work of filming. "I actually stopped acting at the age of 27," she said. “It is no longer the work I put all my heart into."


Leaving the screen in the middle of celebrity status, Jessica gave birth to two daughters and spent time with her family, which made her pay the price by not being able to regain the reputation as before.

In addition, in 2016, she also shared that: "Business is the work that I love most now."

Being notorious in business


The name Jessica Alba was more negative in the other fields than the entertainment industry. Her Honest Company cosmetics brand was accused of dishonest advertising in 2016. Many customers were angry online because its sunscreen is not effective. In 2017, the trouble was with the Honest Company when the company had to reclaim baby powder, as the product caused irritation to the skin. The value of this company has reached nearly $ 2 billion, but it seems to have tarnished Jessica's image in public.

By: Oralie Smith

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