Demi Lovato releases a new single to ‘respond’ to antifans and ex-boyfriends

Female singer Demi Lovato uses her new songs to counter the antifans, especially her ex-boyfriends who made her sad.

Before the 6th album debuted at the end of the year, ‘Heart Attack’ singer released a new single named "Sorry Not Sorry" with a strong R & B style. As soon as she released the new song, many fans speculated that it was the strong voices of Demi Lovato for those who have hurt her all the time.

In addition, the singer once shared with Metro that she wanted to convey her true feelings through music. However, the 25-year-old singer said, "The best way to get revenge is to write a song." Whenever you feel sad or someone hurts you, please write a song to ‘answer’ them. 

Demi Lovato's new single called ‘Sorry Not Sorry’ has garnered much attention.

The previous album ‘Confident’ tells a story about her struggles with the troubled past of depression, alcohol and addictive lifestyles. In addition, on the new album and in the single ‘Sorry Not Sorry’, Demi Lovato said that it was a "gift" for those who constantly attacked and invent stories about her, especially the ex-boyfriends hurting her. Demi Lovato also stated, "It's a song which is aimed at those who hate you. But it will also be a happy song for all those who have never been hated by others. "

Demi Lovato marks her remarkable return with the new song. Photo: Getty.

It was the owner's straightforward sayings that ‘Sorry Not Sorry’ was not only just a ‘fever’ in her fan community, but also rocking the Billboard Hot 100. It can be seen that her new song has quickly risen to No. 23 after nearly two weeks of release.

In the near future, Demi Lovato's new song is expected to be even hotter due to her new tour called ‘Sorry Not Sorry House Party’ in America. However, this song is not highly appreciated by the critics for its melody because there are not many breakthroughs. "Sorry Not Sorry” sounds like many her previous songs," commented a Billboard’s audience.

Demi Lovato who was born in August 20, 1992 is an American singer, songwriter, and actress. Demi Lovato became famous when she starred in the Disney Channel’s film named ‘Camp Rock’ in 2008 and released her new single "This Is Me" at the same time. Also, her single reached the top place on the Billboard Hot 100 at that time. Demi Lovato owns high distinctive voices, and that is the reason why she has been a 'hot name' in the music industry. She owns 46 awards and 127 nominations, including the Billboard and Grammy nominations.

By: Hilary Brown

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