Decrypting the mysterious 'haunting song' which causes many to commit suicide

Music is a spiritual remedy for human life, but in the world there is a haunting song that causes mysterious phenomena and deaths from suicide.

Mystery of “Gloomy Sunday” – the haunting song


The mysterious phenomenon and suicidal deaths surrounding “Gloomy Sunday” have made people call the song “a haunting song”. After a series of related deaths, this song has been banned in many countries. “Gloomy Sunday” was written in 1932 by a Hungarian pianist. The musician, Rezső Seress, called this a "suicide song". This was because the song was related to hundreds of suicide occurring many years after the song was released.

Author Rezső Seress of “Gloomy Sunday”

Continuous suicides

The first was the death of a man living in the Budapest capital (Hungary). After asking the band at a crowded cafe to play "Gloomy Sunday", he used a gun to commit suicide on his way to home, in a taxi. A week later, in Berlin capital (Germany), a saleswoman was found hanging from a rope in her apartment. Police investigating the suicide said under her feet was lyrics paper of "Gloomy Sunday".

The record of “Gloomy Sunday” song containing many mysterious phenomena and death from suicide

Continuing in the strangest series of suicides is a beautiful secretary in New York looking to death with gas with a suicide note requesting to play "Gloomy Sunday" at her funeral; an 82 year old man jumped from the window of the 7th floor apartment after playing this piano song; a 14-year-old girl jumped into the river to commit suicide while holding a copy of "Gloomy Sunday"; a boy walking on the street stopped, took the money in his pocket for the beggar to play "Gloomy Sunday" and said nothing to go to a bridge and then jumped into the river to find death.


Explanation of science


As rumors of death around the melancholy melody of all time spread, researchers have been able to explain the causes of suicides in a scientific way to get rid of everyone's worries. Many scientists argue that movies, music and games can affect the psychology of people but they are not decisive. By the time the song was released, the United States and Europe were in the process of developing the industry. The economy and society were in crisis, severely degraded after World War I.

The unemployment was rising, plus deaths and casualties from the war. All have impacted the psychology of people and put them into a state of disorientation, depression and pessimism about life. At this point, just a small impact from outside such as mournful music and movies would be very easy for them to make a negative decision. Therefore, the melancholy melody of “Gloomy Sunday” was just "the straw that broke the camel's back", along with the embroidery of public opinions created the "suicide trend" at that time.

By: Scarlet Johnson

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