‘Deadpool' Ryan Reynolds' memorable roles on screen (Part I)

Deadpool - a talented character with unique personality on the screen isn't the first role that brought us the famous actor Ryan Reynolds.


Speaking of Ryan Reynolds, people are just thinking of Deadpool because he becomes more famous thanks to this film. But besides this role, he also appeared in many other movies, everyone to re-point these following movies.

1. Van Wilder: Party Liaison (2002)


Ryan Reynolds plays Van Wilder, a naughty guy who spent seven years at school, but graduating with him is still a long way off. Surrounded by a team of fans and a personal assistant, Van's life is like a prince in school.

However, when Van's father decided to cut all the expenses of his son's life, he began to self-mobilization and miserable management if he wants to extend his lavish life before. His story caught the attention of beautiful female reporter Gwen (Tata Reid). The meeting with Gwen completely changed Wilder's thinking and life.

The work is not critically acclaimed by ridiculous comedy, but is popular with many young audiences. With a budget of only $ 5 million, the film grossed $ 38 million. Thanks to this work, Ryan Reynolds began to make his name.

2. Just Friend (2005)


This is the movie that helped Ryan Reynolds become a star to be sought in the genre of romantic comedy. “Just Friend” is about a fat guy named Chris who has been refused his feelings just because of his appearance.

Later on, Chris has become more successful, slimmer and handsome, he also has a beautiful girlfriend. His life suddenly turned upside down when he accidentally met his old crush and then Chris found his true self.

“Just Friend” earned $ 51 million and was said to be "a comedy film." In the movie, Reynolds impresses when transforming into a fat guy that many people do not recognize.

3. Definitely, Maybe (2008)


In “Definitely, Maybe”, he plays Will - a father in the process of completing the divorce proceedings. Like many men after divorcing his wife, Will Haydes falls into the difficult situation, especially when he is only 30 years old and his daughter is 10 years old with many questions. When his daughter – Maya (Abigail Breslin) asks about the reason for the divorce, he tells her three love affairs but does not reveal who Maya’s mother is.

With a fascinating narrative, critics have praised the film, which is a fascinating work with a talented young cast.

4. Chaos Theory (2008)


This film, although less well-known, is one of Ryan Reynolds's most natural acting pieces. The content revolves around a man who always feels boring in his life because he always has to set the discipline of time and must follow it every second.

However, this makes his wife feel unhappy and decides to adjust his husband's clock by 10 minutes late. From here, a series of events that makes him understand the true value of life.

5. X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009)


This is Ryan Reynolds's first time entering the Marvel world. In "X-Men Origins: Wolverine," we have seen Ryan Reynolds playing Deadpool once.

Initially, Reynolds nominated for a glimpse, but the producers decided to increase the land for him. The actor is impressed by the practice of sword fighting. However, his image of Deadpool in the film is not appreciated by rigidity and being too different from the original.

6. The Proposal (2009)


Many viewers applauded and watched this movie as the most prominent comedy film of 2009. Reynolds plays the assistant named Andrew to play the fiancé of boss Margaret (Sandra Bullock) when she faces the risk of expulsion from the United States. In order to be able to play the role of a love couple, Andrew takes Margaret to the big family and encounters many jokes. Reynolds' combination of Bullock and Sister Bullock made the film a success.

(To be continued)

By: Relly Jonas

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