“Dead Wish”: Bruce Willis’ return with impressive action scenes

The trailer of "Dead Wish" just released lasted more than 2 minutes but has made viewers excited to see many impressive action scenes of actor Bruce Willis.

“Dead Wish” is the story of character Paul Kersey (Bruce Willis), a Chicago surgeon. He finds the city where he is living is always covered by the violence and inhumanity that Paul's wife and daughter are also victims. The police force can’t control all the criminals in the city, so this is when Paul revenges and enforces justice. 


The trailer of "Dead Wish" just released lasted more than 2 minutes but has made viewers excited to see many impressive action scenes of actor Bruce Willis, who was dubbed the king of this genre. 


Throughout the trailer, fans had the opportunity to "shout out" once again admire the thorny of Bruce Willis through the excerpted chases. Compared to the classic 1974 movie trailer, this trailer gives viewers a clearer view of the multi-faceted character “Dead Wish”, which has left a mark on Hollywood action films. Accordingly, Willis appreciates the various aspects of Paul Kersey, and the complexity of Death Wish.

After the family tragedy, Dr. Paul Kersey became a multi-personality man: A guardian who saves lives, and a death god takes the lives of criminals; a husband, a father tries to protect his family and a ghost confronts criminals, is called the "death god" and attracts the attention of investigative police and the media. 


In addition, some new elements also appeared in this trailer. First of all, the role of social networking and technology was in creating a new layer for the modern version of Death, pushing the urgency and continuity of Kersey's murders to a climax. We can clearly see the power of social media, the way public access to sensational news before the press and sometimes even before they get to the scene.


One of the more interesting things that the trailer revealed was the color and the suffocating air of crime, punishment, and the power of resentment that surrounds the storyline. Director Eli Roth would re-enact a new era of “Dead Wish” with dramatic action choked by modern Hollywood techniques.

Producer Roger Birnbaum said that they tried to go deeper into the story and find ways to relate the story to modern audiences. They knew they couldn’t tell the same story in the 1970s, as there had been so many changes taking place in their country and society today.  The character Paul Kersey is forced to step out of the law to use violence outside the law because he is too angry with the ignorance and weakness of the Chicago police force. So as soon as he gets the real clue in hand, he decides to execute his own judgment and pursue the criminals who attacked his family.


By: Judith Edwards

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