Coachella - where Ariana Grande is about to meet BlackPink

As usual, every April, the whole world is waiting for Coachella.


It seems that at the moment, Ariana Grande’s and BlackPink’s fans are eyeing the upcoming Coachella Music Festival, where talented girls will appear on stage, in front of more than 100,000 spectators at once. And it seems that not only the fans of the girls whose music lovers worldwide are heading towards this cult music event. Perhaps, not only the fans of the girls, the music lovers all over the world are heading towards this famous music event.


Coachella or Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival is an annual music and art festival held at Empire Polo Club, Indo, California located in Coachella Valley in the middle of Colorado. This music event was first held in 1999 and quickly grew to become one of the largest and most influential music concerts in the world.


The festival brings together hundreds of thousands of spectators, in the most stylish costumes and styles, multi-genre music stages and a series of art exhibitions. It can be seen that Coachella is a sublimation of art, and is the starting point of many music trends and fashion trends for decades. Coachella's audience is not only ordinary fans but also a series of world-famous superstars. One of the audiences who entered the legend of Coachella is none other than Paris Hilton.


This music and arts festival is usually held in April every year, the best weather period in the Coachella Valley and takes place on weekends. This is considered the music festival with the highest revenue in the world as well as the number of attendees reaching a record number: maybe up to 250,000 people for festival days, the main stage is always possible tracked by no less than 100,000 people. Therefore, this is also the dream stage that any star wishes to conquer once in life.


Coachella 2017 marked Lady Gaga’s dominance on the stage. In 2018, the stage of Beyoncé went into legend, becoming the greatest stage in the 20-year history of this concert. Beyoncé's performance was so influential that it exploded social networks at the time.


Coachella Festival 2019 will take place on two weekends: April 12-13-14 and April 19-20-21 with continuous music stages taking place from early morning to late evening, including some kinds of music: rock, pop, indie, hip-hop, pop, EDM. This year, Ariana Grande will take on the role of the headliner, the main performer, leading the stage during the time and being the youngest artist in history to ever play this important role.

BlackPink will also perform in the second week, but the specific date of the performance has yet to be revealed. At Coachella Festival, there is never a lack of surprises, so it is also possible that BlackPink and Ariana Grande will stand together on the stage.

By: Abigail Harris

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