Brad Pitt and 9 other Hollywood stars say no to alcohol

The past of addictions, bad health effects, unpleasant taste... are the reasons why many Hollywood stars stay away from alcoholic beverages.

Brad Pitt


 Hollywood actor makes many people admire the story of struggling to get rid of alcoholism. The ex-husband of beautiful actress Angelia Jolie revealed this in a talk with GQ Style this year that he does not want to live the life of a drug addict.

Tyra Bank


“The Mother” of America's Next Top Model model shared with Forbes that she is lucky to have no interest in alcoholic beverages.  She has never drunk again after she first got to enjoy it at 12 years old.

Naomi Campbell


Like her colleague - Tyra Bank, Naomi Campbell supermodel is also not interested in alcohol. In an exclusive interview with Life & Style in 2013, the British supermodel explained that she gave up drinking because it made her life unhappy.

Calvin Harris


The Scottish DJ said that despite the nature of the work often surrounded by partying, he tried to limit the alcoholic drink as best he could. "I stopped drinking because it really made me sick. It affects the brain in the worst way."

Daniel Radcliffe


Harry Potter in the hit series of the same name had a discussion on this issue. "I hardly think about alcohol in my life," he told The Telegraph.

Kim Kardashian


Despite appearances with controversial image but Kenya West's wife is really good women. Kim Kardashian’s sister, Khloe Kardashian, told Elle in 2017 that Kimberly does not drink alcohol, she never touches it either before or after pregnancy.

Zac Efron


In the past, Zac Efron had to recover from years of drug and alcohol abuse. Currently, the actor has said no to alcohol. In an interview with Elle in 2016, he said that when we get rid of the bad things we bring ourselves into life, we are on the path to greatness.

Demi Lovato


In March, the former Disney actress celebrated her sixth anniversary of a drug and alcohol nightmare. On the night of the feast, she emphasized the difficulty of fighting the abuse of alcohol. She shared on Twitter that she has been more alert after 6 years, so she will cherish her happiness, health and happiness.

Jennifer Lopez


Singer / Actress Jennifer Lopez thinks that alcohol, especially wine, will ruin your skin. The voice of “On The Floor” on Instyle in 2003 explained that at parties, she would just bake a cake with some wine but not drink it.

Elton John


English composer Elton John has experienced a battle of alcoholism and eating disorders. Sharing about the nightmare 28 years ago, Rocket Man revealed that he regained consciousness in only six months of detoxification.

By: Mithrine Smith

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