Blockbuster 'Kingsman 2' grosses more than $ 100 million worldwide in just three days of release

"Kingsman: The Golden Circle" ‘ended’ the triumph of the "IT" in North America, and grossed more than $ 100 million worldwide.

Presented at 4,003 North American theaters from September 22, it is estimated that ‘Kingsman: The Golden Circle’ grossed $ 39 million over the last three days. Despite being ‘dethroned’, the former "King" –  Warner Bros.’s the horror film ‘IT’ has continued to make impressive performances in the third week with $ 30 million from 4,007 theaters.

Kingsman: The Golden Circle 's North American debut is slightly higher than the ‘Kingsman: The Secret Service’ ($ 36.2 million in 2015). Many have suggested that Kingsman 2 could easily exceed $ 40 million. However, ‘Kingsman: The Golden Circle’ received the opposite opinion from the press, which has caused the final result to be affected.

‘Kingsman: The Golden Circle’ earned more than $ 100 million worldwide in just three days of release. Photo: Fox.

In addition, on the Rotten Tomatoes, Matthew Vaughn's movie has now scored only 51%, far less than the 74% of season one. According to a survey by Cinema Score, two Kingsman episodes received B + ratings from the mass audience.


In ‘Kingsman: The Golden Circle’, Kingsman's headquarters are suddenly flattened. Only Eggsy (played byTaron Egerton) and Merlin (played by Mark Strong) survive after the event, and they are forced to travel to the United States to seek the help of the Statesman. From here, the two groups discover the giant drug trafficking chain of Poppy (played by Julianne Moore).

In international markets, ‘Kingsman: The Goldern Circle’ grossed $ 61.2 million. Thus, in just three days of release, 20th Century Fox's $ 104-million blockbuster brought in a total of $ 100.2 million.

With the horror ‘IT’, Warner Bros. received good news that Pennywise earned $ 38 million from 59 countries and territories. With an additional $ 30 million domestically over the weekend, total global box office revenue is now $ 478 million and $ 500 million.

At the same time Warner Bros. received sad news. ‘The LEGO Ninjago Movie’ has a poor performance in North America. Targeting at family and children, the movie ranked at No. 3 with $ 21.2 million from 4,047 theaters.

Top 10 most grossing North American movies from September 22 to September 24:

1 Kingsman: The Golden Circle: $ 39 million

2 IT: 30 million USD

3 The LEGO Ninjago Movie: $ 21.2 million

4 American Assassin: $ 6.25 million

5 Home Again: 3.3 million USD

6 Mother !: $ 3.26 million

7 Friend Request: $ 2.4 million

8 The Hitman's Bodyguard: $ 1.85 million

9 Stronger: $ 1.75 million

10 Wind River: $ 1.3 million

By: Ashley Brown

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