Blockbuster ‘Dunkirk’ grosses approximately $ 500 million

Christopher Nolan's latest feature film has grossed nearly half of a billion dollars.

It has just been announced by Warner Bros. that Dunkirk has brought about approximately $ 500 million. This is a blockbuster directed by the famous director Christopher Nolan, recounting the event of Dunkirk evacuation in World War II. 

The film is considered to be the last box office’s big hit of summer 2017 because a series of movies released previously in August were totally disappointing and failed to convince the audiences. After eight weeks of projecting, Dunkirk has grossed $ 183.7 million in North American market, and $ 493.5 million on global scale. 

Some international markets that greatly support Nolan's new film includes England, the talented filmmaker’s homeland ($ 72.6 million), China ($ 47 million), South Korea ($ 21 million) and France ($ 19 million). 

'Dunkirk' has earned nearly $ 500 million worldwide and become one of the strongest candidates on the race to Oscars 2018. Photo: Warner Bros. 

Warner Bros. worldwide distribution and marketing chief, Sue Kroll, said: "Christopher Nolan has proven why he is regarded as one of the greatest filmmakers of our time. His ‘Dunkirk’ is an absolute tour de force — a harrowing, emotional and sweeping moviegoing experience that pushes the boundaries of mainstream studio filmmaking. Through Chris’ lens, ‘Dunkirk’ does more than capture this pivotal moment in time; it reminds us of both the heroism and the human toll of war." 

Aside from the success in box office result, Dunkirk also received extremely positive comments from the critics. Many experts have predicted that Dunkirk would bring Christopher the first Oscar statuette for best directing performance from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS). 

Dunkirk has a budget of $ 150 million, but the movie lasts 106 minutes only. The project brings together most well-known names such as Kenneth Branagh, Mark Rylance, Tom Hardy, and several new faces in the film industry such as Fionn Whitehead, Harry Styles... 

Christopher Nolan on ‘Dunkirk’. Photo: Variety 

When it comes to bad news, despite the huge income, hardly can Dunkirk reach observably higher data, as this blockbuster has already hit the top theaters in all major markets worldwide. Ranked # 10 on the list of movies with highest incomes this year is Transformers: The Last Knight which has grossed more than $600 million, and Nolan's masterpiece certainly cannot fill that gap though the 5th part of Transformers series is much less valuable than his Dunkirk

Christopher Nolan has not revealed his next project after Dunkirk. In August, the director was seen enjoying his vacation in Vietnam with his wife and children.

By: Chris Stewart

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