Beautiful friendship of the 3 top Hollywood stars

Emma Stone, Jennifer Lawrence and Brie Larson are the top beauties and three best friends in Hollywood, who ever won the Best Lead Actress at Oscar.

At the 90th Academy Awards ceremony, audiences had the opportunity to see a cute moment between the best friend couple Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Stone. When Jimmy Kimmel talked about the unfortunate incident of the Oscars last year, Lawrence turned to Stone. While the Hunger Games actress joked, La La Land's beauty just kept silent.

Two friends appeared on the red carpet this year with two contrasting styles.

Since Jennifer Lawrence came early and Emma Stone was later, they did not have the opportunity to take pictures together. However, the organization board also flexibly arranged two stars to sit next to each other at the Academy Awards ceremony.


They became best friends more than five years ago when they were both newcomers of the entertainment industry. And now, Emma Stone and Jennifer Lawrence are two of the most famous and successful Hollywood stars thanks to their acting talent and a healthy non-scandal lifestyle.


When they start becoming closer, Lawrence quickly became A-list stars and starred in blockbuster hits such as X-Men and Hunger Games. Stone is only known through the normal romantic dramas. Stone reveals that she admired Lawrence's efforts and talent, and that she was sometimes jealous of her.


Stone wrote in an email to Vanity Fair about Lawrence, "There was definitely a time early on when I was like, 'Oh hey my ego is going nuts, she's so great and vibrant and talented. I'm screwed, I'll never work again, goodbye yellow brick road.' Then I chilled the f--- out—and remembered we're completely different and there is room for everyone, even if it's an industry that doesn't really seem to support that idea up front."

"We both really do love each other and care about each other as people, beyond being actors. I support her completely when it comes to work and I feel the same from her, but I know we'd be friends even if we didn't do the same job."


Three years ago, Brie Larson also became a part of this relationship. The moment Larson hugged Stone when La La Land star won the Oscar for Best Actress in 2016 was moving. Larson wrote on Instagram " You know what's better than winning? Watching your friends win. @theacademy."


"That [group of friends] saved my life," Larson admitted. "I was able to talk with them about everything that was going on in my life, and it was with people who had been through it before and are also hilarious."

She continued, "That support and acceptance was everything. I was home-schooled, so I didn't have friends that had the same interests as me, and I found it to be absolutely incredible."

By: Christina Baker

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