“Avengers: Infinity War”: who is honorable to defeat Thanos?

It is not possible to list all names, but please mark the superheroes can and can’t beat Thanos.

Superheroes have the ability to "kill" Thanos:

No.1. Hulk


In MCU, it can be seen that the Hulk has never been defeated. Thor had nearly knocked down the green giant but was stopped by Grandmaster. In essence, the Hulk is a "fighting machine" with immeasurable destruction, and the angrier he is, the more powerful he is. If Hulk reaches the "world-breaker" level, knockout is not impossible.

No.2. Scarlet Witch


Only recently appeared in two MCU movies, but with her ability, Scarlet is also a candidate to defeat Thanos. According to the comic book, Scarlet has extremely magical power. Remember the "House of M" event, with only three words "No more mutants", Scarlet has caused millions of mutants to disappear. On the other hand, her power seems to be infinite. She can create a mighty army and revive the dead. Although only a rookie in Avengers but with such power, she can also cause Thanos "out game".

No.3. Vision


In the trailer of "Avengers: Infinity War", it seems that Mind Stone was taken away by Black Order. But there is no evidence that the stone has left Vision’s forehead. With the ability of a robot with his intelligence, for Vision, confronting Thanos also has a certain percentage of hope. His body consists of special cells, which help him control the state of the body. Assume that Vision dodges an attack by Thanos, then transforms his body into solid, flies through Thanos, increases cell density and ends up with Thanos. It’s also very likely, right?

No.4. Captain America


In addition to superior strength, Captain is also a talented strategist in MCU. Another thing that Captain is always making the other super heroes respected is his fighting spirit. Even if Thanos had broken all of his bones, Captain would continue to fight despite facing death. However, there is a sad news for the fans, because after “Avengers 4” we may not meet Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) again.

Faces that are strong but can’t never defeat Thanos:

No.1. Black Widow


Natasha is a female warrior who is shoulder-to-shoulder with Captain or Thor. Despite of the physical capabilities and the ability to use weapons in the specialist, she is still a normal person. Not that she is not worthy of competition, anyway Thanos is still called "Mad Titan".

No.2. Black Panther


Actually, Black Panther can fight with Thanos but the chance of winning is almost zero. Why? In the battle with Killmonger, he is defeated and then has to need helps to regain the warrior's power.

No.3. Star Lord


This is a character who is not capable of fighting melee. Maybe Peter Quill is a good pilot and a marksman, but if the enemy is Thanos, will he be able to? The answer is no. If Star Lord maintains Celestial power from his father, he can also fight against Thanos. Unfortunately, all was destroyed in GOTG Vol.2

No.4. Spider Man


It’s said that Peter Parker can’t deal with Thanos, but the risk is very high. The wounded body can not heal itself, his power abilities are not the same as other super heroes.

No.5. Iron Man

Actually, if there are no armor and science-advanced technology, then Tony is just a billionaire guy. The "Ironman" can still be a superhero without his favorite toys, but he will be bruised and tattered.

By: Gitta Russell

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