“Avengers: Infinity War”: Two nameless guys holding billion dollar game

Behind the brilliant success of the blockbuster "Avengers: Infinity War" is a long journey full of efforts of the Russo brothers.

World Cinema last April filled with information about blockbuster “Avengers: Infinity War”, which marks the 10th anniversary of the formation and development of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU).

From the story of the 10-year journey, 19 films, more than $ 14 billion, the departure of superheroes, talent and vision of Kevin Feige to the feelings for the iconic characters are analyzed. But not everyone is paying close attention to direct people behind the success of "Avengers: Infinity War", who are Anthony Russo and Joe Russo.


This decision shocked many because the Russo brothers had specialized in comedy and had almost no experience in the genre of action. Furthermore, with their lackluster filmmaking, Marvel Studios delivered the "American icon" - Captain America into the hands of the Russo family, which was hard to understand.

For the Russo brothers, taking on the project with hundreds of millions of dollars of funding is beyond imagination. Later on, Joe Russo revealed that the conversation between them and Kevin Feige made Marvel Studios make decisions about their future as well as the movies.


Before entering Marvel, both Anthony and Joe were two unknown names in Hollywood. However, after only 5 years, things have completely changed. The Russo brothers put their names in the ranks of the greatest contributors to the expansion and advancement of the Marvel superhero universe. It can be said that Kevin Feige's handshake with Anthony and Joe is considered the most successful collaboration of Marvel Studios. With quality films and billions of dollars, Anthony and Joe have done better than expected by Kevin Feige.

In 2014, "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" was suddenly critically praised and collected $ 714 million. "Two years later, Captain America: Civil Wa" (2016) was more successful with $ 1.15 billion in revenue. Kevin Feige was so pleased that he was ready to replace Joss Whedon, who made the first two seasons of Avengers to put the Russo brothers in the lead role for the 10-year-old MCU blockbuster “Avengers: Infinity War”. Now with all the praise from both critics and fans for the 19 th blockbuster, once again proved that Kevin Feige's choice is absolutely correct.

The important thing that helped the Russo brothers succeed was the combination. The good combination from ideas to actions of both on the set when directing huge projects such as “Avengers: Infinity War” recently surprised many people. The two directors always did everything together.


"Red Witch" Elizabeth Olsen has compared the differences between Joss Whedon and the Russo duo. The actress said that director Joss Whedon had always written things as clearly as he tried to fit into each character in order to edit everything. And the Russo brothers, they trust everything they entrust to the actors and actresses. They are comfortable in creating, sometimes allowing actors to arbitrarily adjust the dialogue in their own way.

“Avengers: Infinity War” just released a few days ago and the two directors are in the process of continuing to produce “Avengers 4”. According to actor Josh Brolin, Anthony and Joe Russo could leave the Marvel movie universe after this fourth project. It would be no surprise if they thought they had done everything they could for the MCU and decided to stop the adventure at Marvel Studios.

By: Oralie Smith

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