After Adele, Dua Lipa is also a girl creating hits thanks to bad ex-lovers

Ex-boyfriends helped Dua Lipa get the hits in her career as today.

Dua Lipa has transformed the pain of her love into music by revealing all of her hits like "New Rules", all inspired by her bad ex-boyfriends.


Dua Lipa admits that she has many old lovers who can inspire her when she needs some quiet time to compose, ranking the guys from "love trick" to "lousy". Sharing to Rolling Stone, the 22-year-old singer said, "There are some take advantage of my feelings. And then I dated a guy who did not eat vegetables. At that time, I was like, "How horrible! You eat like a five-year –old boy! Farewell!"


Dua Lipa's breakthrough song - "Hotter than Hell" inspired by Tumblr social networking site and of course, another ex-guy.

"I experienced a tired break up. Someone makes me feel like I'm not good enough. But when I write this song, I want people to hear it and think that he is the one who craves me,” Dua said.This song is fine, but the chorus is not beautiful! At that time I immediately said "Take it off!" Until I saw the words "Hotter than Hell" printed in red on a black background. I thought, "Great! What if he thinks I am so hot but I just do not need him anymore?"

Recently the owner of hit "New Rules" has collaborated with producer Max Martin - who has contributed to the success of countless artists from Celine Dion to Katy Perry - to produce a second album in his career. "I worked with Max for a week, it was the first time I felt there were more ways to do what I was about to do. At first I gave the melody and listened to it again. Then he would say this place should be changed a little! I let him hear some records I recorded in Jamaica and Max said I can completely simplify it, repeat twice, so it would make listening easier. He really has a lot of experience!"


The singer, who was born in 1995, brought back two awards for Breakthrough Artist of the Year and Best Female Artist at the Brits Awards last week. In her speech, Dua Lipa said, "I would like to thank all the women who have stood on this stage before me and gave the girls like me many inspirations, there are people to respect and let us enjoy our dreams."

Dua's first hit single, "New Rules," also made her the youngest female artist in history to hit a billion views on Youtube. Seeing her old lovers are not "bad" too!

By: Oralie Smith

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