Adorable love story of 'Deadpool' and his beautiful wife

6 years living together happily, actor "Deadpool" - Ryan Reynolds and beautiful Blake Lively continue to write love story that many people admire.


Deadpool - Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively are considered one of the perfect couples in Hollywood entertainment. The couple always appears happily together whether on the red carpet or in real life more than 6 years. Their sweet love story makes many people pamper.


The both met first in Green Lantern studios. The film was released in 2009. At that time, Ryan was still in a fiery marriage with Scarlett Johansson, while Blake Lively was dating Penn Badgley.


Lake Lively and Ryan Reynolds at the Comic Con show in San Diego to promote “Green Lantern”. At that time, the two were rumored to be a "love couple".


In 2010, Blake Lively broke up with his boyfriend after years of dating. Ryan Reynolds also completed the divorce proceedings from Scarlett Johansson in July, 2011. One of the reasons for the breakup came from the reputation of the beautiful wife.


In September 2012, Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds married secretly in South Carolina, USA after nearly a year of dating. The beautiful couple of Hollywood held a warm wedding ceremony with relatives and close friends. Before marriage, Blake Lively said to Allure magazine that he was never as happy then.


Since their marriage, both have been considered Hollywood's best couple. Despite not having such a brilliant career as Reynolds’ ex-wife, Blake Lively is loved by her beautiful looks, her friendliness and her clean image, without scandal.


In 2014, the actress of “Gossip Girls” was pregnant with their first daughter. Ryan Reynolds said that since they had had a baby, it seemed like he loved his wife more than anything in his life.

Although quite secretive about the private life, they always love each other sweet gestures whether appear on the red carpet or in everyday life. "We never go for more than a week without seeing each other. There are important things that I can’t make decisions without him. The best time was when he and I switched off the phones, walk and talk to each other," the 31-year-old actress shared.


Whether it's going out alone or with a group of friends, Ryan Reynolds is always holding his wife tightly, caring of and paying attention to his wife in a special way. This made her close friend Emily Blunt also jealous.


When appearing at public events, Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds always give each other a sweet look. Not only has the beautiful and fiery appearance, Blake Lively also shines brighter than ever by the sweet smile of a happy woman next to the man of her life.

Ryan Reynold and Blake Lively first showed off two little princesses in public on the day of getting the star on Walk of Fame.


It can be said that finding a beautiful partner who wholeheartedly cares for her husband and family as Blake Lively is one of the happiest and most fortunate of Reynolds. He used to say that the most interesting about him is her and he loves her more than anything in this life.

By: Judith Edwards

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