'A Quiet Place' surpasses 'Ready Player One' last weekend

Last weekend, the horror genre returned to dominate North American box office with the success of 'A Quiet Place' with young director John Krasinski.

Contrary to the prediction of the experts, horror film "A Quiet Place" suddenly brought back to $ 50 million during the first weekend. As a result, "A Quiet Place" has surpassed "Ready Player One" and "Blockers" to dominate box office.


"A Quiet Place" is directed by John Krasinski and has the participation of Emily Blunt. With a modest budget of only $ 17 million, the movie unexpectedly earned $ 50 million in the US and another $ 21 million from 40 international markets last weekend.

As such, "A Quiet Place" has hit theaters in its first week and is the most successful horror film since "It” in 2017. This is also the second best-grossing film in 2018, after "Black Panther".


The setting of "A Quiet Place" is set in a secluded area of the forest, a family of four people including a married couple and two children. They live in silence and never make a sound as they know that only any noise, supernatural forces that are extremely sensitive to sound will find and pursue the whole family. When they are no longer able to speak, they lay down the principles of survival that no member is allowed to violate, such as pointing at marked points, communicating in sign language, and laughing in silence.


This horror movie with the new ideas received a response from both audiences and professionals, with 97% positive reviews on Rotten Tomatoes. Paramount's director Kyle Davies said: "Few horror films can ever succeed. The movie is very engaging and captivates viewers right from the first minutes.”


In second place was Steven Spielberg's blockbuster "Ready Player One" with $ 25 million. After two weeks in theaters, the film grossed $ 391 million worldwide. Then there's "Blockers", a comedy with the participation of John Cena. The funnu film limiting the audiences under 17 revolves around three parents seeking to prevent their children from having sex in the school's ball.

According to Variety, box office sales in North America last weekend were 35% higher than at the same time in 2017.

List of the top 10 most popular movies in North American box offices last weekend:

1. A Quiet Place: $ 50 million

2. Ready Player One: $ 25.1 million

3. Blockers: $ 21.4 million

4. Black Panther: $ 8.4 million

5. I Can Only Imagine: $ 8.4 million

6. Acrimony: 8.1 million

7. Chappaquiddick: $ 6.2 million

8. Sherlock Gnomes: $ 5.6 million

9. Pacific Rim: Uprising: $ 4.9 million

10. Isle of Dogs: $ 4.6 million

By: Relly Jonas

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