8 nature movies to admire the majestic beauty of the Earth

With stunning scenes, these nature 10 movies will make you completely immerse in the majestic beauty that the Creator has given the Earth.


This documentary promises to provide the most accurate depiction about penguins and their struggle to survive in such harsh environment. With the great voice of Morgan Freeman leading the audience through many events, the film will fill the hearts of everyone with love for animals and love for nature, especially the empathy for the main characters of the movie - the penguins.



Under the direction of multi-talented director, actor Sean Penn, the film tells a true story of the young man Christopher McCandless after graduating from Emory University. Instead of pursuing a successful career and earning a lot of money, he decides to give up his wealthy family and the flat road they have laid out. He donates everything he has to charity and finds the nature. The movie provokes dialectical relationship between society and nature, making viewers look back on materialistic lifestyles in modern times.



Without a clear storyline, Koyaanisqatsi is the epitome of the existence of nature and human civilization, thus highlighting the surprising relationship between these two aspects. The title comes from an Indian term for "imbalanced life." This nature film condemns the modern world and technological advances, which go against the environment and the majestic beauty of the wild. The film depicts two realities that have a close connection with each other and highlight the fact that nature is slowly dying out as it has always been struggling to provide raw materials for technology development. So, after all, this movie is a condemnation of the destruction that humanity has caused to nature.


WILD (2014)

Based on Cheryl Strayed's memoir Wild: From the Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail, the American biopic tells the story of a newly divorced woman, who starts her journey to discover her life and heal her wound. With deep content and inspirational ability, the work is well received by the audience thanks to its gentle style that provokes true love and sympathy for the nature.



Using the most advanced technology in aerial photography and filmmaking, this fresh-air film brings viewers to the soaring icebergs, vast air and the spectacular Alps. Recorded by the sharp Cineflex aerial camera system, viewers can enjoy the perfect HD experience combined with a deep storyline about the land of exotic things.


A GOOD YEAR (2006)

With the participation of 2 bright names Marion Cotillard and Russell Crowe, this is the romantic film of England with the scene of French lavender paradise - Provence. Thanks to stunning scenery and romantic atmosphere of this land, A Good Year captivates the hearts of audiences and motivates viewers to leave behind the hustle and bustle urban life to immerse themselves in beautiful nature.


THE BEACH (2000)

The Beach is the story of an American businessman who decides to travel to Thailand to explore the mysterious island Phi Phi - a completely separate paradise from the outside world. Set in Bangkok with mysterious jungle and sprawling white sand beach, this natural film is an impressive introduction to the beauty of Southeast Asia - from the sumptuous capital to the irresistible beauty of the calm blue beaches.



This excellent documentary has portrayed the beauty of the green planet and the bizarre treatment of mankind in nature. The work is the result of countless efforts from photographer Sebastião Salgado, who has traveled the continents for 40 years and traces the historical events left in nature.


By: Cole Guthrie

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