8 low budget movies that worth watching in the summer of 2018

Bypassing the blockbuster action and fantasy projects, Variety magazine makes predictions about some of the smaller-scale films, but they have the potential to influence the box office.

1. Hereditary (Jun 9):


At the Sundance Film Festival earlier this year, director Ari Aster's horror film received countless praise. Owen Gleiberman, director of film criticism of Variety wrote that “Hereditary” is not like any modern horror movie and the viewer must be really scared. The story revolves around a family haunted after the death of the grandmother. They discover the terrible secret of the origin of their ancestors.

2. Uncle Drew (Jun 29):


The psychological-sports film originated from the famous beverage trailers in 2012 with the main character played by Kyrie Irving. The basketball players have hooked up with many of their colleagues, including Shaquille O'Neal, Chris Webber, Reggie Miller and Nate Robinson for a basketball-themed movie. The film follows Drew (Irving) on his journey to establish a professional football team competing in the street. “Uncle Drew” is expected to attract a large audience of black people at the box office.

3. Whitney (Jul 6):


Documentary films can still produce some buzz in the blockbuster season if there is a rational distribution strategy. This year, "Whitney" is the name to try with that. The film received a lot of praise after its premiere in Cannes, and contained many of the unreleased records of the late legend. More importantly, “Whitney” brings many answers about the career decline of the singer, as well as the tragedy of domestic violence and addiction that Houston faced.

4. Eighth Grade (Jul 13):


The movie is made up of a teenager starring director Bo Burnham. Followed by 13-year-old Kayla (Elsie Fisher) as the 8th grade entered the final week. Contested at the Sundance Film Festival, "Eighth Grade" has a 100% absolute score on Rotten Tomatoes. Critics appreciate the message of youth behind Kayla's story in the film.

5. Christopher Robin (Aug 3):


It is unbelievable that a movie released by Disney falls into the "bottom", but that is the situation now of “Christopher Robin”. The film is set when young Robin is now mature (Ewan McGregor), and has a difficult life. Live-action films based on fairy tales or popular literature such as “The Jungle Book” (2016) and “Beauty and the Beast” (2017) have won a lot. Christopher Robin can hardly reproduce it, but with a favorable schedule, the film is hopeful that it can make a difference.

6. BlacKkKansman (Aug 10):


First launched in Cannes in 2018, the new film by director Spike Lee immediately praised, and then won the Grand Prix. The story of BlacKkKlansman is based on the true story of the 1970s, when a black detective was tasked with infiltrating the KKK racist organization. The work is considered to be a very timely message, and is likely to become a leading candidate at the 2019 Oscars. John David Washington - son of Denzel Washington, Adam Driver, Topher Grace, Laura Harrier and other stars participate in the film.

7. Crazy Rich Asians (Aug 15):


A comedy based on Kevin Kwan's best-selling novel of the same name, directed by Jon M. Chu. Rachel Chu (Constance Wu) is with her boyfriend (Henry Golding) happy life in America. But on her return to Singapore to attend a wedding, the girl discovers the horrible richness of the guy. If the quality of the film is really good, the ability of “Crazy Rich Asians” to mark the box office at the end of summer is huge.

8. The Happytime Murders (Aug 17):


A strange project labeled R as "The Happytime Murders" seems to fit the comedian Melissa McCarthy. In the fantasy film, Phil Phillips (Bill Barretta) is a talented detective. He decides to reunite his former partner Connie Edwards (McCarthy) to look for the culprit of the mass killings. This is definitely not a family movie when “The Happytime Murders” trailer has entertained many drug-related and sex-related scenes.

By: Mithrine Smith

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