8 interesting facts about Domino in “Deadpool 2”

Possessing a unique ability from the secret program, Domino promises to make “Deadpool” movie more attractive and successful than many times.

Domino is an extremely "lucky" woman with the ability to change her probabilities. Simply, she can unconsciously take part in phenomena that occur around her and change them in ways that benefit her. For example, in a gunfight, she can cause an enemy's gun to go out, or suddenly the enemy suffers an appendicitis.


Here are 8 interesting facts about this Domino women:

1. Domino is one of the founding members of X-Force

X-Force is a collection of mutant crazies such as Deadpool, Domino, Wolverine and Cable. As in the trailer Deapool 2 has shown, the formation of this team is similar to the story of original comics despite the lack of Wolverine, Domino is one of the founding members of X-Force.

2. Domino ever dated Wolverine


When Wolverine joined X-Force, he turned it into a violent organization that hunts down mutants and political enemies. But Domino disagreed that, the two began to have a bad relationship. The dispute is going on quite often, but finally, the two dated each other. Although not officially acknowledged, the fans also understand how this relationship is!

3. Domino used to be a member of S.H.I.E.L.D


Domino is close to Cable, but both initially had a bad relationship. Domino had already been a member of S.H.I.E.L.D. She had worked with a number of mercenaries such as Six Pack, Bridge, Hammer, and Anaconda. One of her first tasks was to knock down Cable. Finally, with the conviction of Cable, Domino finally defected and joined his side.

4. Domino has a brother

Created by the government's secret weapon program by changing the structure of the gene, Domino seems to be the only one. However, on one occasion she met a man with the same tattoo and strength, she found out that he is her brother.

5. Domino ever dated Colossus

Colossus is an all-metal mutant. And in a way, Domino had feelings for him in a mission. This affair didn’t last long but also made the curious fans ask many questions.

6. Domino once kicked Deadpool out of his mercenary company


Deadpool has opened a mercenary group called "Mercs For Money”, and the purpose of this group is to use his reputation to make a profit. But with the character of Deadool, the management of this team was not very effective, leading many of his team members to leave.

At this point, Domino began to take over and beyond expectations, she started to take power and kicked Deadpool out of the company. Although retaining the brand, all the management belonged to this woman.

7. Domino was ever married

While working for the government, the NSA, her job is protecting a man named Milo Thurman - not really a mutant, but a smart man that he could make almost perfect predictions about the future. While defending Milo, Domino fell in love with this man, and the two were actually married while he was still held by the government.

8. Domino is afraid of chickens!


In one of her conversations with Deadpool, they talked about their fears. Deadpool confesses that he is afraid of the cow, and Domino says she is afraid of the chicken. She told a lot to Deadpool about this fear that made many people have to laugh.

By: Scarlet Johnson

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