8 funny romantic movies to make your summer sweeter (Part II)

If you do not like tearful romantic films, take time to watch these romantic stories mixed with fun factors below.


50 FIRST DATES (2004)

50 First Dates is romantic comedy mixed with humorous elements, directed by Peter Segal and screenwriter George Wing. The film is a spiritual gift for those who love novelty motifs and do not want to follow the traditional way.

Henry Roth (Adam Sandler), a womanizer who has never been serious about love, is a veterinarian working at Sea Life Park in Oahu, Hawaii. Henry is a genius who attracts women travelers but does not think of a long-term love for them. However, his thinking changes when he accidentally meets Lucy (Drew Barrymore), a waitress in a coffee shop near the place where he is working.

Lucy is a special girl. After an accident, Lucy suffers from the syndrome of Goldfield, a syndrome associated with short-term memory loss and anterograde amnesia. Since then, every morning, she always thinks that that day is the 13th of October last year. Fearing that Lucy will forget him, Henry has found every possible way to make each day their first date. A romantic story and rich humanity are what you can find in 50 First Dates.



This is a romantic comedy revolves around the affair of Andie Anderson (Kate Hudson), a female journalist of a magazine for women. One day, the editor gives Andie a quite puzzled topic: "How to lose a guy in 10 days?" The deadline for submitting the article is also 10 days only. This is a difficult subject for single girls like Andie.

Meanwhile, "Ben" Barry (Matthew McConaughey), an advertising executive, has a similar duty - "knocking down" a girl for 10 days in exchange for an advertising contract for the company. Andie and Barry come together without knowing the true intentions of the opponent. What will happen when the two find each other's secrets? Will Andie and Barry take the relationship beyond personal intent?

Besides moment of relaxation, the movie also conveys a meaningful message: True love has no place for personal purpose.



Love, Actually is a romantic comedy film premiered during the 2003 Christmas holiday in the United Kingdom. The film depicts many aspects of love through eight stories of different characters. In a clever arrangement, the story line is led smoothly, with no disturbance or confusion.

Through the story of each couple, you will feel the multi-dimensional, colorful beauty of love. Romantic, humorous, deep and moving, every factor creates a melodious and meaningful love song. With an artistic value for the audience, the film excellently topped the UK box office chart at the time of its release. It is also the highest-grossing movie of the weekend in the history of the films that premiered in the UK.


500 DAYS OF SUMMER (2009)

It would be a great omission if we miss 500 Days of Summer in this most popular romantic comedy list. This is a movie produced in 2009 by director Marc Webb with the participation of young stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Zooey Deschanel. At 500 Days of Summer, you will not find a love story with beautiful ending. So, what make the movie appealing?

The film is not chronological, but follows Tom Hansen's flashback of his incomplete love story with Summer Finn, who lost faith in love after a traumatic past. They come together as the heart tells. They can walk around the streets of Los Angeles together, kiss each other sweetly but cannot say these three romantic words. The unnamed relationship, the ambiguous end of Tom Hansen and Summer Finn will probably make you feel down, upset and regret. But looking back, isn’t that our own story in our daily lives?

500 Days of Summer has succeeded in capturing the psychology of people who are looking for love but are afraid to start because the fear of being hurt. With great content, pictures and music, the movie is appreciated by both audiences and critics. Just watch 500 Days of Summer to understand that sometimes love is not a journey that has a starting point and an ending point. Because there are people born just to fall in love with someone... but that does not mean they will be together forever.


By: Quinn Abrams

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