7 little-known things about Prince Harry's future fiancée

Before becoming a Royal Lady, actress Meghan Markle has known as a beautiful woman who always struggles to protect the interests of women and the community.

Meghan Markle was born on August 4, 1981 in the United States. She is known as an actress. Markle is noted for appearing throughout the seven seasons of “Suits” TV series on the role of Rachel Zane.


In November of 1976, Markle became the media hub when it was confirmed that she was dating Prince Harry William. The two met for the first time in Canada to promote the 2016 Invictus Games. Kensington Palace has announced the wedding of the royal couple will be held on May 19, with the attendance of special guests. At the same time, the beautiful actress also officially retires from film career. In particular, Markle will appear in the finale episode of “Suits” TV series named “Good-Bye”.

The actress with 3 bloodlines


Prince Harry's future princesses possessed beautiful charm when her mother is American, father was born in the Netherlands and has an Irish ancestry. Markle's interesting appearance is the solid brown skin while her father is a white man and her mother has the black skin.

She spoke out against eroticism at the age of 11


Taking on social studies at an elementary school, Meghan Markle and hers classmates viewed some ads to evaluate their message. Procter & Gamble, one of the leading consumer goods groups in the United States, made her uncomfortable by using unreasonable words, saying that women can only cook. At the age of 11, Markle provided voice protection for women's rights. She wrote a letter to P & G's representative and asked them to modify the language and content in the ads. After the review process, the company agreed with the offer. Meghan had an interview about this on Nick TV in 1993.

She previously worked for the US Embassy in Argentina


In an interview with Marie Claire Magazine in 2016, Markle revealed that she had worked at the US Embassy in Argentina after completing her college degree. Talking about this, Markle said that these are the first steps for a plan to become a politician.

Beautiful handwriting


In January, Prince Harry's future wife visited Cardiff Castle in Wales, England. She was praised for her neat, beautiful handwriting with the words "Hello Kaitlin" in the diary of a girl standing with the line of fans. In addition, analytical expert Adam Brand said her handwriting revealed that she was ambitious, intimate and passionate.

She is a gourmet


She interviewed Marie Claire Magazine that she often changed outfits to fit the lifestyle of a gourmet. The actress added that besides her eating habits, she was also considered an amateur chef when she regularly processed food for her family, friends and lover.

She created a blog gotten ideas from wine


In the past, the actress found a personal blog called The Tig - specializing in foods, travel, fashion and beauty. Although it has now been removed from the Internet, her blog has been loved by fans.

Markle shared with Allure Magazine that she came up with the idea of a blog when she discovered the difference between red and white. The Tig was named after a wine called Tignanello, after she took a sip of wine six years ago, and at that time, she alternately drank each red or white for different dates and the idea for the blog was formed.

Her nose has become the aesthetic standard


Earlier in November, even before the announcement of Prince Harry's engagement, E! News revealed Markle's nose has been a model of people wanting plastic surgery. Panel surgeon, Dr. Stephen T. Greenberg, said in the last six months, many patients came to me for cosmetic surgery to have a beautiful nose like Markle and even a member of the Kardashian family had made that request. When her romantic love with Prince Harry began to get interested in the media, it was time for Markle's beauty to be noticed more than ever.

By: Scarlet Johnson

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