7 interesting things about Miss International Queen 2019

The interesting things revolving around Jazell Barbie Royale's life show that she is a strong, personal but also rich in kindness.


She received 9 crowns:

On the evening of March 8, the final of the 2019 Miss International Queen Contest officially took place at Tiffany Theater, Pattaya, Thailand. The victory called Jazell Barbie Royale, a representative from America. This is the 9th time, Jazell crowned in a beauty contest. Previously in her hometown, she stepped up to the highest podium in competitions including Miss Westland 2018, Miss Continental 2016, Miss North Carolina Continental 2016, Miss Glamorous2015, Miss Black Universe 2013, Miss Duval 2013, Miss Dumarr International 2013 and Miss Duval Newcomer 2008.


First time to discover her true gender:

Jazell once shared that she recognized her true gender in 1993. At that time, she was a 5-year-old girl, playing in her mother's closet and tried on the party shoes. "It's white high heels, attached with lace," Jazell described.

Performing at a nightclub:

Working at a nightclub made Jazell many times become the focus of controversy. After graduating from high school, she regularly performed at a nightclub in Jacksonville, USA. Talking about the past with Watermark, Jazell said that entertainment has a great meaning to her and she loves it every time she’s shown. The 31-year-old beauty also affirmed her desire to become an entertainer, not a drag.


What to say to President Trump:

GRAB magazine once asked Jazell what she wanted to say to President Donald Trump when he was not sympathetic to the transgender community. 2019 New Miss International Queen straightforwardly replied that she didn’t want to say anything to him because she understood he was not the type of person who would hear her words. According to Jazell, the LGBT community should agree to raise their voices. "We will tell people that we can do everything as ordinary people, even if we enlist or fight."


A passion for music from a young age:

During nightclub performances, Jazell Barbie Royale often transformed into famous female artists and lip-synced. However, at this year's Miss International Queen Contest, Jazell surprised the audience by taking the Talent Award with her powerful voice. In fact, Jazell had loved performing since childhood. During high school years, she was a member of the All City Choir. Jazell's singing ability was previously confirmed when she won the Miss Continental 2016 Award.


The coronation dress:

On the last finale, Jazell stepped up to the highest position in a nude dress with colored stones. Shoulder and waist feces are pressed with the satin fabric of the same color. This is the same outfit Jazell wore in the Miss Continental competition two years ago. The only difference is that on the shoulder of Jazell's shoulders, the big rose was also made from satin fabric.


First colored contestant:

The first Miss International Queen Contest was held in 2004. For 16 years, the 31-year-old beauty has been the only color contestant to be crowned and the second person to win for America. Before that, the name that ever did this for the country was Mimi Marks (2005). Sharing about the victory, Jazell hopes she will become an inspiration for female transgender people around the world.

By: Roxana Edwards

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